Papa needed new shoes

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Today’s Quote: “You can get into school. That’s not a problem. But you can’t succeed.” — Michael W. Kirst, a Stanford professor, on students unprepared for college work.

At 2-Year Colleges, Students Eager but Unready By Diana Jean Schemo
“Community colleges are being deluged with hundreds of thousands of students unprepared for college-level work.” The public school system in their efforts to show good results on standardized tests while giving students unearned high self-esteem, have forgotten their fundamental purpose — to educate. (That wasn’t part of the article, just my humble opinion.)

I probably broke my budget for the next two weeks but I bought myself a new pair of shoes. I was weary of seeing my socks everytime I looked down at my toes. I couldn’t find any $20 shoes so I settled for the most inexpensive shoes the Wright-Patt Base Exchange had, a pair of $29 high top shoes.

Of course, the BX doesn’t carry much in the way of bargain basement merchandise since they believe their competition is J.C. Penneys, Neiman Marcus, and Macys when it’s actually Wal-Mart, K-Mart, and Target. A pair of plain black and white Converse shoes (like the Keds of my school days) were $33 a pair and that was the clearance price. When I was in school, my mom bought Keds at the astounding price of 2 pair for $5 and they usually lasted the entire school year.

I wouldn’t mind paying a bit more for a pair of shoes if I knew they’d survive four or five years of daily wear. It’s been years since I’ve had footwear whose tops outlasted the soles. In most shoes the stitching sucks or the grommets slice through the laces. Buying laces once or twice a month shouldn’t be necessary. Speaking of laces, I was pleasantly surprised that the laces of my new shoes don’t drag the ground after I tie them. I prefer to walk on the soles of my shoes, not the laces. Tripping on your laces may be super-cool when you’re 15 but once you’ve passed 50, it’s embarrassing and just looks stupid.


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