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Today’s Quote: “We didn’t really know him. We just had him arrested.” — Brenda Loete, Robert Norton’s next door neighbor for 12 years.

I found this while looking for something about Fred Rogers. The article was from the Chicago Tribune from either Aug 2 or 3, 2005. His neighbor seems like a cold-hearted bitch.

PEKIN, Illinois — Even in death, Robert Norton’s nakedness is a no-no. Norton, 82, spent four decades in and out of court fighting repeated arrests for gardening and wandering his yard in the nude. He said he wanted to be buried without any clothes, but his family is sending him to eternity wearing gray slacks and a matching shirt.

“He’s not going to be buried in the nude,” said his brother, Jack Norton, a minister.

Robert Norton’s family said they hope to lay the years of controversy to rest Thursday when the World War II veteran is buried. Norton, who died Monday, had fought 20 indecency arrests since 1962, arguing that he had a constitutional right to public nakedness.

Relatives say Norton suffered emotional problems after serving in the Army Air Forces during World War II. Prosecutors counter that he was just stubborn.

Brenda Loete, who lived next door to Norton for a dozen years before he moved into a nursing home, said she never spoke to her neighbor.

“We didn’t really know him. We just had him arrested,” Loete said. “Normally, if we had him arrested in the spring he’d be gone for the summer and we wouldn’t have to worry about him until the next spring.”

I located his obituary and it would appear that the surviving members of his family didn’t know him very well either. I think it’s terrible how little respect the deceased receive and how their last requests are disregarded as trivial.

Robert Norton’s obituary, Pekin Daily Times (Aug 3,2005)

Robert Norton

PEKIN — Robert E. Norton, 82, of Pekin, died at 1:05 a.m. Monday, Aug. 1, 2005, at Pekin Living and Rehabilitation Center.

Family will receive friends from 10 to 11 a.m. Thursday at Woolsey Funeral Home. Burial will be in the Rock Island National Cemetery in Rock Island.

Memorial contributions may be made to a charity of the donor’s choice.

He was born Feb. 17, 1923, in Yates City to Carl A. and Edith Brandenburg Norton.

Surviving are two brothers, Jack (Helen) Norton of Columbus, Ohio, and Duane (Eloise) Norton of Torrance, Calif.

He was preceded in death by two sisters and one brother.

Norton was a railway clerk for the Toledo, Peoria and Western Railroad for 37 years, retiring in 1975.

He was a United States Air Force veteran of World War II.

Oh, yes, it’s true that Mr. Rogers had a daily swim, in the nude.


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  1. I’m serious. Send me off nude to the hereafter. I wish to enter Paradise as God intended, naked and unashamed.
    Whether or not those in attendance choose to wear clothing is entirely up to them but I don’t expect anyone to get dressed up for the occasion. I certainly don’t intend to be.
    I don’t see any point in burying or burning a perfectly good pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Definitely don’t put my carcass in a suit. I rarely wear one when I’m living. Why would I want to spend eternity in one?


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