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The Beatles – A Day In The Life

Today’s Quote: “I’d love to turn you on.” — Paul McCartney, A Day In The Life

In Bend, Oregon, it is perfectly legal to drive with no pants on. In fact, you can drive completely naked. However, some citizens are concerned this practice may lead to “serious crime.” Yeah, murders, robberies, and insider trading are sure to increase because someone is driving in the nude.

On the Job, Nursing Mothers Find a 2-Class System (NYT, 09/01/06)
Lactating on the job is okay if you make $70K a year or more. They have private offices or special “Lactation Rooms.” Everyone else has to lock themselves in the restroom during their break and be harassed by their co-workers. Collectively, this nation’s maturity level is far short of adult.

There Is Silence in the Streets; Where Have All the Protesters Gone? (Andrew Rosenthal, NYT 08/31/06)
“Student protesters helped drive Lyndon Johnson — in so many ways a powerful, progressive president — out of office because of his war. In 2004, George W. Bush — in so many ways a weak, regressive president — was re-elected despite his war. And the campuses were silent.” It looks as though “four dead in Ohio” doesn’t mean anything these days.

Raising Nicotine Doses, on the Sly (NYT 08/31/06)
So the tobacco industry has been steadily increasing the nicotine levels in coffin nails, making them more addictive. Not all the weasels are in government. Sort of makes me glad I’m not a nicotine whore.

Pack of Lies (Mark Derr, NYT 08/31/06)
The “Dog Whisperer” is a fraud? Is there anything on television we can believe? (I still believe zee Meeth-busters.)

What are the weasels up to now?
Ohio to Delay Destruction of Presidential Ballots (Ian Urbina, NYT 08/31/06)
The federally mandated preservation period for the 2004 ballots is almost up but some critics are threatening to sue Blackwell’s office whether or not he issues an order to delay the destruction of the ballots. His lawyers claim he doesn’t have the authority, that it’s up to county officials and the Ohio Historical Society. Mr. Blackwell issues the order and some counties tell him to blow it out his ass and destroy the ballots before they can be examined, well it wasn’t Blackwell’s fault, was it? Very clever.

I found it interesting that in one precinct in Miami County, there were 100 more votes than voters. That’s about 22% more votes than voters. That should have raised some eyebrows, don’t you think?

Voters Hearing Countless Ways of Saying ‘Sorry’ (NYT, 09/01/06).
They’re so apologetic just before an election. “Cletus, let’s vote for that nice Senator again. He didn’t really mean it when he said those awful things about us. He said he was sorry and he seemed so sincere.” Personally, I think it’s too late; the damage caused by your stupidity can’t be undone. Why should I forgive and forget, reelect you, and let you continue your policy of being stupid? If you really want to make up for being stupid, how about doing something for the good of the American people instead of the special interest groups and the jerks out in Hollyweird.

And once again there is the local fascination with traffic congestion. Friday seems to be the big day, as if the best way to start of the weekend, especially a holiday weekend, is with a traffic jam extending down I-75 from I-70 all the way to I-675. Woo hoo, we be having fun now!

Do you know what really looks stupid? Big low-profile tires on a GMC Yukon, especially when it’s driving down the shoulder illegally. But I guess he really wanted to be right in the middle of the traffic jam.

A Day In The Life by The Beatles


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