What Are The Weasels Up To Now?

weaselOhio to Delay Destruction of Presidential Ballots By Ian Urbina, New York Times — “Critics say preliminary results from their ballot inspections show signs of widespread irregularities.”

In Miami County, official tallies in one precinct recorded about 550 votes. Ballots and signature books indicated that 450 people voted. I have to wonder where those extra 100 votes came from and who they were for.

That Mr. Blackwell would move to delay the destruction of the 2004 ballots sounds a bit fishy to me. Perhaps under the threat of a possible lawsuit, he made the announcement to ward off bad press and to give the appearance he was being cooperative. (“Last week, lawyers sent a legal notice to Mr. Blackwell notifying him that suit was pending and asking him to issue an administrative order directing the 88 county election boards to retain the 2004 records.”) Blakwell’s lawyers claim that he doesn’t really have the authority to delay the destruction of the ballots; that authority, they say, lies with the county public records commissions, the county boards of elections and the Ohio Historical Society. So, if millions of ballots do somehow get destroyed, it’s not Blackwell’s fault. He did his best to stop it. He is so clever.


Author: Rick

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