Visiting ancestors, both living and dead

Buffalo Springfield – Mr. Soul

Today’s Quote: “Vision is always ahead of execution, knowledge of materials is your contact with reality, and uncertainty is a virtue.” — Ted Orland, Art & Fear

Well, the web site update is done. It’s getting huge. The folder for the site takes up 75MB on my hard drive. One sub-folder has gone from a little less than 500 files to over a thousand and the really huge sub-folder that forced the creation of FrankenWeb has gone from 4400 files to almost 5500. The GEDCOM files are pushing 2 MB now. I remember when they were about 600 KB. Even with FrankenWeb being on my LAN, it still takes about half an hour to FTP all the files. I don’t want to imagine over the Internet.

The first unabridged version of the site is now ready to be burned to CD. My test CD worked well and after a little tweaking, it’s ready. I’m going to copy everything on my laptop and burn the CDs from there. It will be faster.

Three out of four grandchildren want to journey into the wilderness with me this weekend. It’s going to be an interesting trip. My “Conestoga” wagon doesn’t have a video player. It’s going to be primitive living but at least there will be indoor plumbing. Will they be interested in visiting dead ancestors?


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