Oh for … I lost count (OPCP)

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Today’s Quote: “My vision is to make the most diverse state on earth, and we have people from every planet on the earth in this state.” – Gray Davis, (former) California governor, at a press conference. (Intellect in government has been dead for quite some time, hasn’t it?)

If it seems to be going well then you’ve either overlooked something
or the problem is waiting for the right moment to bite you in the ass.

I really wanted to close out some of my impossible tasks before I began my vacation but apparently I pissed off a dozen or so digital deities. Everything I attempted today ended badly.

A simple hard drive upgrade turned into a day long nightmare that is still unresolved. His original drive has some issues that chkdsk wasn’t able to fix to the satisfaction of Ghost. A laptop that was working well on Friday simply refused to power up today. Luckily, it’s still has a couple weeks of warranty left.

A hand me down laptop turned out to have some serious issues. When it’s docked the serial port, the parallel port, and the secondary IDE channel don’t work although Device Manager says LPT1 is just fine. When it’s off the doc, COM1 and IDE2 are okay. Despite Device Manager’s assurances, it won’t see a printer either way. It had the same issues with the previous user but I had attributed it to some funky PLC programming software he was using. I guess not. If reimaging it and flashing the BIOS didn’t help, it’s gotta be hardware.

Someone from Dell/Unisys will be there tomorrow to replace two motherboards. Better them than me. I have a C600 that I disassembled three months ago on my desk. I’m not sure I can find all the pieces let alone reassemble them.

And then there are the assorted unsolvable printer issues and archaic fax machines. The display on the fax machine says, “Check Cassette.” I’ve checked it numerous times and the message is still there. Naturally, the Operating Guide contains no information on error messages or troubleshooting. It will cost the company $50 just to say “Hello” to a tech and $175 to get a tech to walk in the door. What a racket.

Oh well. for the next seven days (five business days) I don’t have to deal with OPCP (Other People’s Computer Problems). I’ve got enough of my own computer problems to deal with. If I’m lucky, I just might actually deal with some of them.


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