Another lost weekend

Cheap Trick – Surrender

Today’s Quote: “I will never apologize for the United States of America – I don’t care what the facts are.” — President George Bush Sr. (Would you apologize for your son?)

Star Trek Demotivational posters. These are good.

Well, I mowed down the hayfield in the front yard. That will keep the city’s grass gestapo off my ass for a while. I started on the back yard. I went in for drink of water and forgot to go back out. Maybe I’ll get to it on Tuesday.

I’m continuing to work on my big genealogy site update, which is due out on Thursday. I’m going to put everything on Frank N. Webb because it will be easier to manage the content there as opposed to keeping it on two geographically separated servers. (The hosted server is in Canada.) I’m reorganizing the site and adding new stuff. It’s going to be so freakin’ cool.


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