Inbredpalooza is coming to town

The New Riders of the Purple Sage – I Don’t Need No Doctor

Today’s Quote: “Change is inevitable–except from a vending machine.” — Robert C. Gallagher

On my way into work this morning I noticed workers putting up the orange plastic fences on either side of the road in the vicinity of Thomas Cloud Park. That can mean only one thing, Inbredpalooza is coming to town this weekend! For those of you who don’t know, Inbredpalooza is a one-day fan appreciation festival sponsored by a local Country radio station, celebrating all things redneck. It’s officially known as “A Day in the Country.” I dubbed it Inbredpalooza after my observations while attending other well-attended community events at the park. I desperately try to avoid this area during the festival mainly due to traffic and I won’t be participating as over exposure to this hoi polloi subculture would probably be hazardous to my intellect. I’m sure it’s an interesting anthropological study but I’ll leave that to the academics and social scientists.

I’m hoping it’s just stress but since yesterday my left bicep has been intermittently twitching and throbbing to beat the band. It’s weird. I can feel it pulsating and I can see my shirt sleeve vibrating to it. I’m sure it’s stress-related. I can’t think of too much going on right now that isn’t stressful. I haven’t slept well the last few days, at least I don’t think I have. I seem to toss and turn all night and when I wake up in the morning, the bed is a wreck. Surprisingly, the love of my life hasn’t complained, other than about her own aches and pains.

I hope a few days away from work will help although the job is only one contributing factor. Just the same, it will be nice to forget it exists for a while. Now if I could only find a nude beach. I don’t suppose Splash Moraine has a clothing optional section. I didn’t think so. And I certainly wouldn’t expect the YMCA to have nude swims, although I’d be more inclined to join if they did.


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