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Today’s Quote: “Apparently, the young people use it on the computer.” — Northwood Tree Farm owner Pat Niple explains why the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles refused to approve her “NWTF” vanity plate. (How about BWHUA, is that okay?) She just turned 74 and has had this plate for at least 10 years. Let’s stop the madness and quit pandering to the snot-nosed kids and the political correctness nazis.

I guess it’s okay to piss everyone off just as long as no one is potentially offended. I can understand not allowing overt or even subtle profanity on vanity plates but texting acronyms? Come on, already. I can make any combination of letters into a dirty acronym or abbreviation. Maybe I should try to get this vanity plate — ROSCOE. Trust me, it’s dirty (sexual reference). Or maybe MOSFA.

Teenagers don’t know what cool is. It’s not hot cars, designer sneakers, grunge clothes, whoring outfits. Hell no. Being cool isn’t about impressing your friends or your peers. You don’t need to impress them; their opinions don’t mean squat. The people you need to impress are the people you’re going to want to help you get ahead or get what you need. The people you need to impress are potential employers, loan officers, college professors, and people like that, some of the most “uncool” people you’ll ever meet. Your loser friends probably can’t do crap for you.

Oh, you want to know what’s cool? Having grandchildren who think you’re cool and love you even if you’re not cool.

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