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Today’s Quote: “The first step to failure is trying.” – Homer Simpson

Scanned and updated pictures on my genealogy site. It took longer than I had anticipated since I couldn’t resist the urge to tweak the code a little bit. Web pages and programs are never finished, only abandoned.

Undergarment Dysfunction from Scott Adams’ blog is hilarious. I can relate to it. I think all men have been there.

How To Foil An Alien Abduction. This is good to know, particularly if you hang out with the hoi polloi, who seem to be especially prone to such things. Other survival tips can be found at Popular Mechanics. You never know when you might find yourself in a dangerous situation.

There is actually a travel guide to restrooms for popular destinations in the US. The guide was written for people who suffer from “overactive bladder.” That there is a guide is a good thing. When you gotta go, it’s good to know where to go.

Nudist Trampolining is interesting. I don’t get it but it is interesting. I’ve never been good at anything involving a lot of eye-hand coordination.

Men: Sleeping with a partner makes you stupid, research reveals

July 21, 2006

(NewsTarget) A University of Vienna study, published today in New Scientist, showed that men suffer temporary mental setbacks if they share their bed because their sleep is always disturbed whether they make love to their partners or not.

The researchers interviewed eight unmarried couples in their 20s who were asked to spend 10 nights with their partners, and 10 nights alone. After each night’s sleep, scientists checked the stress hormone levels of both the men and the women, and then asked them to take simple cognitive tests.

While most men reported a better night’s sleep with their partner, their test results were better on nights they slept alone. According to Professor Gerhard Kloesch, both men and women suffered disturbed sleep when they went to bed with partners, but when they eventually get to sleep, women slept more deeply with their partners.

“It’s not surprising that people are disturbed by sleeping together,” said Dr. Neil Stanley, a sleep expert at the University of Surrey. “Historically, we have never been meant to sleep in the same bed as each other. It is a bizarre thing to do.”

The morning after sleeping with a partner, women’s stress hormone levels did not suffer as much as men’s, but they still reported better sleep and recalled more when they slept alone. Male recall levels were best on mornings after making love to their partner.

Stanley suggested that women adapt better to a partner because they have many life challenges that disturb sleep, whether they are with a partner or not, including child rearing, menstruation and menopause.

“Sleep is the most selfish thing you can do and it’s vital for good physical and mental health,” Stanley said. “If you are happy sleeping together that’s great, but if not there is no shame in separate beds.”

However, Stanley also says that separation could have an adverse effect in couples. “If they have shared their bed with their partner for a long time they miss them and that will disturb sleep,” he said.


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