A Little Less Pseudo-History, Please

Should I be concerned that in the last couple of days almost nothing has piqued my interest or pissed me off enough to bring it up here? I haven’t found much of interest on television lately. Shark week hasn’t really sparked my imagination and the History Channel is mostly running the same old pseudo-historical crap. The series on the Revolutionary War is interesting but I’ve only managed to catch it sporadically. I’d like to see more history on the History Channel.

The Da Vinci Code and all the intrigue surrounding it isn’t really history, especially after the first few dozen times it’s been aired. Is the Catholic Church covering up something? Probably. If people knew the whole truth, they’d probably find they don’t need the Church.

Then where would they be? Was Jesus married? Again, probably. It was expected for a Jewish man back then to be married. Since the Bible says nothing about his life from the age of 12 until he started preaching around Galilee, I think it was quite likely he had a wife but I can only speculate what might have happened to her. Did he leave a family in Nazareth? Maybe she died in childbirth? Having children used to quite dangerous.

His relationship with Mary Magdalene? Who knows? There’s speculation that they had a special relationship but the extent of that relationship is anyone’s guess but I have my doubts that he was married to Mary Magdalene. At the time of the crucifixion, was she carrying his child? Who knows? It makes for a great story but there’s no proof. And if there were documentary evidence that she was, it definitely would be in the best interest of the Church to suppress it.

Was Nostradamus able to predict events in the future? I have my doubts. I think his talent lay in his ability to write his quatrains vague enough that people with knowledge of events after the fact could read whatever they wanted into them. The same goes for the so-called Bible code. If you know the words you’re looking for then a word search puzzle is so much easier. Researchers have applied the same technique to Melville’s Moby Dick and found prophesies.

Here’s a challenge for you. Find something in Nostradamus’ quatrains or in the Bible code that hasn’t happened yet, publish it publicly and follow the trail of events leading up to it while, if it’s a prophesied disaster, do everything in your power to prevent it from occurring.

If a prophesied event is prevented from happening, was the prophecy correct?


Author: Rick

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