Gratefully Annoyed

Elton John – Lady Samantha

Today’s Quote: “When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.” — Japanese Proverb

I don’t watch much television but when I do, I’m continually assaulted with advertisements for male vanity products — Avacor, Levitra, Cialis, Enzyte, et al. I’ve got a question for Arthur C, age 72. Just why do you feel the need a full head of hair? You’re 72 for crying out loud. Who are you trying to impress? And you guys with high blood pressure and/or diabetes, E.D. is the least of your problems. E.D. won’t kill you but diabetes and hypertension can lead to heart problems that will put you in the grave. Having a full head of thick hair and having never suffered from E.D., perhaps I just can’t relate. There are times when my hair and my willy really annoy me; I guess I should be grateful for the annoyance, grateful that God has blessed me with a full head of hair and a tallywhacker that works.

“You’ve been going out for quite a while. Tonight’s the big night; you’re going to need protection.” Is this an ad for condoms, an E.D. product, or diamonds? When I first heard it, I guessed wrong. It’s an ad for diamonds. Protection? Are you giving her a rock so large, she’ll need an armed guard?

Do you know what really burns me? Dogs.
They’re always telling you to kill someone.

In case you’re interested, Three Dog Night did a cover of Lady Samantha on their 1969 album, Suitable For Framing. Despite 14 gold albums and 21 top 40 hits (9 gold and 3 number 1)), they weren’t taken seriously by hard core rock fans. While their covers may not have been quite as good as the original artists, they were valid in their own right and helped introduce audiences to Elton John & Bernie Taupin, Laura Nyro, Randy Newman, Leo Sayer, Hoyt Axton, Harry Nilsson, Dave Mason, and others. Three Dog Night was a good stepping stone band that way. Danny Hutton, Chuck Negron, and Cory Wells had some good harmonies and I enjoy listening to their songs. Of course, when I sing along to Never Been to Spain, I use Hoyt Axton’s original lyric, “In Oklahoma, born in a coma…” instead of TDN’s “In Oklahoma, not Arizona…” Ah, what does it matter?


Author: Rick

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