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The Rolling Stones – 19th Nervous Breakdown

Today’s Quote: “Clouded, the future is.” — Yoda, Jedi Master

The History Channel used to have good content all the time. What happened to them? Now all they seem to be doing is rebroadcasting all this crap about Nostradamus, the Da Vinci Code, the Book of Revelations, Papal conspiracies, and related topics. Have they run out of authentic history?

Last night they ran something about Nostradamus. If he was so frickin’ accurate in his predictions, then why aren’t there agencies whose soul purpose in life is to read his Quatrains, figure out the next disaster, and deliver that information to whoever needs it so they can prevent it? Of course, if it’s prevented, then was the prediction true in the first place? What benefit is gained if, in the aftermath of a disaster, we look back and say, “Look! Four hundred years ago this mad Frenchman predicted this would happen,” or “If you take a page from the Bible and go through it like it was a word-search puzzle, you can find these Hebrew words that predicted it.”

Predicting the future after it has already occurred is pointless. The best we can do is look back over the events preceding a disaster and learn from them so we don’t make the same dumb-ass mistakes again. Progress is really nothing more than moving into the future without making the same dumb-ass mistakes we made in the past. But we’re Americans, it’s not our way to learn from history or our dumb-ass mistakes.

You’ll notice that when good things happen, no one points to Nostradamus or the Bible and says, “See, the ancients predicted we’d have good times.” The whole idea that people long ago were able to predict events in our time indicates that our destinies are predetermined and there’s nothing we can do to change them. Free will is only an illusion, a device we use to give us hope where there is none.

People have been predicting the imminent arrival of the end of days ever since Christ was crucified. The Book of Revelations was a last minute addition to the New Testament. The Church probably decided that it would scare the shit out of the congregations, thereby ensuring they would submit to the will of the Church. The Church, as an institution, has always been more about consolidating wealth and power than saving souls.

I guess I’ve ranted enough for now.



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