Canoe Cruise Canceled

The Band – The Weight

Today’s Quote: “It is an interesting question how far people would retain their relative rank if they were divested of their clothes.” — Henry David Thoreau

I’m kind of disappointed and relieved that our office canoe outing was canceled. I guess with all the rain, the river is too high. I had just gotten all my stuff together. Yesterday evening, I was looking at the Aaron’s Canoe and Kayak Center Web site and the information I read wasn’t very comforting. The idea that I was going to embark on my first “real” river canoe outing on the deepest, fastest, and coldest river in the area didn’t bring me a lot of comfort either. I’ve only been in a canoe once before in my life, at least 20 years ago on a very placid body of water somewhere in England. Quite a different experience, I’m sure.

Now, what to do with my day? I guess I could work on computer upgrades and maintenance, work on some genealogy stuff, or do what every man dreams of doing — looking at porn while sitting around nekkid and eating Cheetos. Rats! I don’t have any Cheetos. It just isn’t the same without Cheetos. Oh well, I’ll think of something to occupy my day.


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