He’s A Redneck!

I heard this morning that President Bush uttered the word “shit” over an open mike at the G8 conference and it was broadcast live. If nearly anyone else had said it over the air, they would have gotten a hefty fine from Bush’s Gestapo of the airwaves, the FCC. I very much doubt George will have to pay any fine. His spin doctors will sugar coat it and concoct some sort of tonic to appease the American public.

In looking for confirmation of this, I found a couple of articles that greatly disturbed me. I knew he has shown incredible displays of ignorance and reprehensibility but apparently it’s much worse than that. If he hadn’t been born into wealth, he’d probably be living in a trailer park, swilling beer, shopping at Wal-Mart, and beating his wife. He is probably the world’s most powerful redneck. No wonder they all voted for him; he’s just like them!

And here we all thought Clinton was a redneck. Compared to George, Bill is swimming in sophistication.

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And this man got elected President twice?


Author: Rick

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