A Real Redneck in the Oval Office

Today’s Quote: “Stupidity may be a handicap and therefore an excuse. But, choosing ignorance should be painful!” — Unknown

Today was PC Hell. I was trying to set up a PC today and nothing I did worked. I’m pretty sure the onboard IDE control is possessed by Satan. It had been showing every drive I put in it as 4GB. The last time I tried it, the BIOS was showing the 20GB drive as 65GB but Windows setup insists the drive is 4 GB and is bad. It’s got to be the controller. I’m not going to willingly deal with it anymore. It’s well out of warranty. Lots of luck finding an NX motherboard.

Tomorrow is our group’s canoe outing. I’m having second thoughts about it but I’m going. Maybe I’ll actually have fun in spite of myself. I managed to find an old pair of jungle fatigue pants that I can still squeeze into. They’re cotton but lightweight. I’ll wear a pair of running shorts underneath just in case. I’m not planning to take much with me. The e-mail (taken directly from the canoe place’s web site) lists enough crap for Lewis and Clark. I got the sunscreen and a hat. I’ll put my ID and a little bit of cash into a ziplock sandwich bag and put it in my pocket. What else do I need? I’m wondering what the Hell I’m getting myself into.


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