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Today’s Quote: “The body’s a downer, especially for boomers. If the body doesn’t have to be there, it frees us up to do what we want.” — Mark Duffey, who offers a funeral concierge service, on the trend toward cremation.

Actually, “It’s My Funeral and I’ll Serve Ice Cream if I Want To” is an interesting article about how the funeral business is changing. “As baby boomers plan their final services, they’re forcing funeral directors to be more like party planners.”

I’m not sure what my take on it is yet. I thought the ice cream truck leading the procession for the ice cream vendor’s funeral was appropriate (as long as the music wasn’t playing) but some of the other things, I’m not so sure about. I think there should be alternatives to the traditional funeral and more consideration for the wishes of the deceased. I remember my grandmother’s funeral. Almost nothing went the way she wanted.

The Golden Touch of Leadership

“The true talents of the new House majority leader, John Boehner, are becoming appallingly evident when it comes to the top item on Congress’s real agenda: the need to raise lots and lots of political money.”

Why am I not surprised? I am so grateful to have him as my Congressional representative. Now who was that clown I voted for back in November? I think a lot more people should have voted for him.

Gotta Love this Town
I read in this week’s Courier that the city had a picnic at the Community Park instead of a 4th of July parade. According to the paper, 50 residents showed up. Let’s see, Huber Hts has a population of about 40,000 and 50 showed up. That’s a whopping 0.125 percent of the population. I think the parade would have been more well attended. In the article they commended Staples and the Huber school board for “assisting in advertising the event.” They did a piss poor job, I’d say. This is the first I’ve heard about it.

In the same issue of the same fine model of journalism, there’s a picture with the headline “Vectren Dayton Air Show slated.” The captions says, “Pictured is the U.S. Navy FA-18 Super Hornet that will fly…” Pictured are two turbo-prop engines suspended from what I assume to be a wing. The Navy must really be cutting back these days, going from jet engines in their front line fighter to turbo-props. But then again, the picture looks an awful lot like a P-3 Orion. But what do I know about military aircraft?

Remember when it was just the Dayton Air Show? What’s next? The Pepsid-AC Chili Cook-off? The Ex-Lax 5K run? This is just my opinion, but tacking on a sponsor’s name to a big event just cheapens it. It tells me that the event organizers are essentially whores who will sell out to the highest bidder. But I guess that’s what we’ve become, whores.

Today in history:
On July 20, 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon.


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  1. As far as my own funeral arrangements are concerned, I’d prefer not to have a viewing. It wouldn’t be me in the coffin, just a lump of meat that used to contain me. Don’t bother dressing me for my funeral, just put my naked body into a box and take care of it either through promession or cremation then do the appropriate thing with the remains — plant a tree over me or spread my ashes at a nudist retreat. If the family wants a memorial service, fine if it helps with the grieving process. And don’t worry about my soul, I hope to have that taken care of.

    Six years later, I still find John Boehner appalling, especially as Speaker of the House.

    And, finally, we consumers are still the whores of corporate America.


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