Divide by Zero and Carry the Two

Deep Purple – Space Truckin’

Today’s Quote: “Black holes are where God divided by zero.” — Steven Wright

Today has been such a long day. Meetings, horrible Windows crashes, managers forcing co-ops to use 200MHz Windows 98 computers. Oh, the inhumanity!

It took some doing but I rescued the Windows, at least I think I have. He’s gone from a blue screen with a mouse cursor to a desktop; that’s an improvement. I have a theory about the cause of the failure. The onboard NIC went Tango-Uniform, which blew up the Novell client, which, in turn crashed Windows XP. I’ve seen stranger things happen.

At the meeting we changed the location of our canoe trip again. Now we’re going down the Mad River, somewhere west of Springfield. I’m wondering about the dress code. The canoe place advises against wearing jeans because they absorb a lot of water and don’t dry quickly. They suggest synthetic fibers instead. All I’ve got is jeans. I don’t think I own any clothing made from synthetic fibers. I guess I’m a cotton sort of guy. I don’t wear synthetics because I generally find them uncomfortable because the fabric doesn’t breath. Plus most of the synthetic clothing I’ve seen is far uglier than what’s generally available in natural fibers. Could you just see me in those baggy basketball shorts? Look at me! I have Piston pants! (I have Piston glasses too.)

I’m setting the co-op up with his manager’s old PC. The machine howls like a banshee. It will probably drive the manager nuts but the co-op won’t mind. He’s deaf.

In the meantime, my help desk queue is filling up with problems that have no solutions. Well, I haven’t found any but who has time to search? Let’s just divide by zero and start over. Gee, lady, did you ever stop to consider that maybe God doesn’t want you on the Internet?


Author: Rick

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