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The Rolling Stones – Get Off My Cloud

Today’s Quote: “We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic.” — Susan Jeffers

Dumb Commercials
I don’t watch much television but when I do, I usually mute the commercials so I’m not bombarded by as much stupidity as I might be otherwise. When I’m listening to the radio, which is usually when I’m driving, I’ll turn down the volume or change stations only if the ad is particularly stupid or obnoxious. There have been a couple radio ads lately that have set off the stupidity alert.

  1. There’s an ad for Chase Bank where a guy gives his teenage daughter his debit card and gets all these alerts as transactions occur. I’m sure that’s a fine service but what kind of idiot places his debit card in the hands of a teenage girl? You are asking for trouble. You might as well put up a billboard saying, “I’m an idiot. Here’s my debit card number and my pin number. Please wipe out my bank account.”
  2. The other ad also involves a teenage girl. She’s trying to alert her girlfriend that her boyfriend is putting the moves on some other girl but her calls get dropped. Well, she gets back at the cell phone provider by instantly switching carriers and is thus able to inform her BFF about the two-timing boyfriend. I have two problems with this scenario. If she’s old enough to enter and break contracts, shouldn’t she be past this “Valley Girl” stage of her life? But then again, what do I know about teenage girls? Maybe they don’t outgrow that stage until much later, if ever. My second problem is the early termination fee that virtually all cellular carriers charge if you want out of your commitment. Those usually run $150 to $200, don’t they? Maybe she doesn’t care because its Daddy’s money and she’s got his debit card.
  3. There are two things guaranteed to make me reach for the radio and change the station — Metallica and a Frisch’s ad. I refuse to listen to Metallica because they suck and the Frisch’s ads are just plain stupid. Nothing, including the introduction of topless waitresses and strippers, will make eating at Frisch’s an exciting event. The only reason I eat there is because they’re less expensive than most other places and the food is tolerable.

So there is a logical reason to ban gay marriages, after all
Too Good for Marriage By Kenji Yoshino (New York Times Op-Ed)

“New York’s highest court ruled that marriage is built to protect unstable heterosexuals.” The gist I got was the state allows marriages between heterosexual couples and provides them with unspecified benefits because hetero couples are generally not very good parents, tend to have children accidentally, and their relationships tend to be more casual and temporary. In summary, we can’t allow gays to be married because they’re better at it than we are.


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