Degrees Of Darkness & Large Values Of 2

Smokey Robinson – Tears of a Clown

Today’s Quote: “Censors do what psychotics do… confuse reality with illusion.” — David Cronenberg

It was with great reluctance that I got dressed this morning and went to work. I think giving in to the notion of not getting dressed and staying home may have had its positive points. The morning proved to be quite frustrating; both software and hardware were quite uncooperative but by mid-afternoon, I seemed to be dealing with it better. The cloud was still there but not nearly as dismal. I’ve reached the conclusion that there is no light, only varying degrees of darkness.

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. Who took Midnight At The Oasis to #6 in 1974? A) Minnie Riperton B) Maria Muldaur C) Cher
2. Which duo had a hit with Reunited (and it feels so good)? A) The Captain & Tennille B) Peaches & Herb C) Sonny & Cher
3. Which group had a hit song with the lyric, “Papa was a rolling stone. Wherever he laid his hat was his home”? A) The Temptations B) Poison C) The Doobie Brothers
4. Who had a top ten hit with the novelty song Guitarzan? A) Ray Stevens B) “Weird Al” Yankovic C) Tiny Tim
5. Where is Tin Pan Alley located? A) New Orleans B) New York City C) Los Angeles

“Censorship drives perversion. Always and everywhere. When we drive sex out of the mainstream we guarantee that all sex is, by definition, deviant.” — Why is non-pornographic erotica so rare? (Interesting article about censorship.)

Music Trivia Answers:
1. B) Maria Muldaur
2. B) Peaches & Herb
3. A) The Temptations [Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone was written by Motown songwriter Norman Whitfield. It was first recorded by The Undisputed Truth, but Whitfield also had The Temptations record it, with much greater success. At first, lead singer Dennis Edwards hated the song. His father, who was a preacher, died on September 3rd, the date in the first line of the song. He was irate at Whitfield for choosing that date, and convinced it was not a coincidence. (]
4. A) Ray Stevens
5. B) New York City

By golly, I got them all today. Major self-esteem points going on.


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