A good day to be nude

The Troggs – Wild Thing

Today’s Quote: “The guardian women must strip for physical training, since they’ll wear virtue instead of clothes.” — Plato, Republic 457a

I was bombarded over the weekend with commercials for Nutrisystem. They claim that by eating their food you can lose a lot of weight and the implication is that you can lose it quickly. According the commercials, the meals run about $10 a day. That’s $300 or more a month for meals just for yourself. I feel I spend too much per month on groceries but I don’t spend that much. Plus, I’m not buying food just for me. Even when I was buying groceries for a family of five, I didn’t spend that much. They call that affordable? What happens when you stop eating their meals and go back to eating food from Kroger? Do the pounds come back on? It would seem to me that the diet portion of losing weight shouldn’t cost you anything; it should actually save you money.

She says I look like a bum because I’m wearing a T-shirt and a pair of running shorts. It’s certainly more comfortable than the jeans I’d normally be wearing. To tell the truth, with this heat and humidity, I’d much rather be naked. However, there are considerations other than my comfort that must be taken into account.

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. On whose show were The Osmond Brothers featured weekly? A) The Jim Nabors Show B) The Andy Williams Show C) The Glenn Campbell Goodtime Hour
2. Which boy band had their own action figures? A) The New Kids on the Block B) The Monkees C) The Osmonds
3. Who was the first member to quit the Monkees? A) Davy Jones B) Michael Nesmith C) Peter Tork
4. Who is the youngest member of The Backstreet Boys? A) Nick Carter B) Brian Litrell C) Howie Dorough
5. Which group holds the record for most album sales in a single week? A) *NSYNC B) The Backstreet Boys C) The Beatles

Music Trivia Answers:
1. B) The Andy Williams Show
2. A) The New Kids on the Block [The Monkees and The Osmonds were never referred to as “boy bands.”]
3. C) Peter Tork
4. A) Nick Carter
5. A) *NSYNC

I only got the first one. I guess I should have known #3. Boy band action figures?


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