Bobbie Gentry – Ode to Billie Joe

Today’s Quote: “It continues to baffle me why there is no attempt to censor television`s continual portrayal of homicide as a means of conflict resolution, while at the same time regarding an unclothed human body as a problem.” — Charlie Metcalf

Alien Rednecks
Last night’s Blue Collar TV had, as its theme, aliens, particularly encounters between rednecks and aliens. I laughed my ass off watching the “Night of the Living Mullets” sketch. Disembodied mullets were attacking people, attaching themselves to their heads and turning them into rednecks.

Speaking of rednecks, I saw a commercial for some kind of greatest hits of Southern Rock compilation. I was reading some of the songs and artists that scrolled by and in there I saw Rick Derringer and Joe Walsh. Rick Derringer (Rick Zehringer) was born in Fort Recovery, Ohio. Joe Walsh was born in Wichita, Kansas, went to high school in New Jersey, and played in the Cleveland area while attending Kent State. I guess The Band qualifies for inclusion on the CD. They performed The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down and Levon Helms is from Arkansas. Rick Danko and Robbie Robertson are Canadians from Southern Ontario, so I guess that counts too.

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. Which musician did actress Renee Zellweger marry in 2005? A) Jack White B) Kenny Chesney C) Fabrizio Moretti
2. This band had hits in 2002 with Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Holiday. A) Green Day B) Barenaked Ladies C) Sum 41
3. This Grammy award-winning singer had hits with Yeah and Caught Up. A) Usher B) Ludacris C) 50 Cent
4. What is the current popular word used for Southern hip hop music? A) Funk B) Crunk C) Ship Shop
5. This group sang, “It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the cream of the fight, risin’ up to the challenge of our rival”? A) The Police B) Hall & Oates C) Survivor

Conservatively flaccid
I heard this morning that Rush Limbaugh was busted at the Palm Beach, Florida airport for possession of Viagra because the prescription didn’t have his name on it. A spokesman said the prescription was made out in the doctor’s name to protect Rush’s privacy. I guess the cat’s out of the bag now. I’m assuming he only uses it for “procreational” purposes. As we all know, recreational intercourse is a liberal predilection.

Music Trivia Answers:
1. B) Kenny Chesney
2. A) Green Day [Boulevard of Broken Dreams is about estrangement and the recognition that the American Dream can let you down ( Holiday is about the American government and society during the Iraqi War. It begins by commenting on how the thousands of dead Americans and Iraqis are nameless to the average American citizen. The song expresses resentment with the corporate greed and corruption involved in the “rebuilding” effort, and shows how the average protester realizes that the pro-war money involved has more power than they can ever have. It also points out the irony of the Christian right-wing feeling religiously justified in this war: “Can I get another ‘Amen’? There’s a flag wrapped around the score of men.” (]
3. A) Usher
4. B) Crunk
5. C) Survivor

I knew #5. As for the others, uh, whatever.


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