Aberrant Behavior

dorkAs I was passing through the lobby at work this morning, our receptionist noted that I seemed to be in a really good mood, happy even. I thought for a moment and realized that, yes indeed, I was. It was kind of scary. I could offer no explanation for this aberrant behavior but I decided I would go with the flow for as long as it lasted, knowing I would eventually turn back into the cynical, cranky, old sourpuss everyone knows and loves. I should savor the moment; who knows when I might feel this good again or how long it will last?

I thought back to my extended drive into work and, strangely enough, I had had happy, positive thoughts rather than my usual ranting and raving. I can’t think of anything that happened to vastly improve my outlook. Things are pretty much the same as usual.

As of 7:30 this evening I’m still feeling good, not quite the cheerful fellow of this morning but still pretty damned good. Even the slower than usual traffic on I-75 didn’t bring me down. I’m amazed.


Thursday was an aberration. On Friday, I was back to my normal, cynical, sarcastic, depressed self. Should it disturb me that I feel more comfortable in that state of mind? Has that become part of my personality? Is it dysthymia?

# posted by Rick : June 24, 2006 9:09 AM


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