Predicting I will go mad tomorrow

Jimmy Reed – Baby What Do You Want Me to Do

Today’s Quote: “Man has to suffer. When he has no real afflictions, he invents some.” — Jose Marti [Or some bureaucrat invents some for you.]

What’s up with DP&L? When I got my bill in May it was for X amount. I paid it and they got it; the check cleared and everything. When I got my bill this month, it showed my previous month’s balance as X + $134. In addition to the payment for $X for which I wrote and mailed a check, it also show a payment received June 6th for $134. Both statements showed a usage of 948 kilowatt hours for the May meter reading. I’m thinking that $200 plus for 948 KHW is a bit steep, even for DP&L. Now, today, I received in the mail a receipt “certifying” that I “deposited $134.00 to secure payment for electric service….” This would indicate to me that I must have actually walked into a DP&L office and handed them $134 in cash on the 6th of June. Anyone who knows me knows that I never have that much cash, especially six days after payday.

It appears to me that they have screwed up but in a way that, so far, hasn’t been to my detriment or my benefit. In my experience, things like this have a tendency to grow very large teeth and bite me in the ass at a time I can least afford it to happen. Yes, I will call them tomorrow and try to straighten this out. Of course, I will have to speak with a total idiot who can’t tell their ass from a hole in the ground; they will become totally confused; and I will be driven to madness. At the end of the conversation, nothing will have been resolved. We will both hang up the phone and say, to no one in particular, “What an asshole!”

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. Who wrote the theme from The Simpsons? A) John Williams B) Danny Elfman C) Hank Azaria
2. Which one of these is not a popular musical group? A) Red Dirt B) Simple Minds C) Simply Red
3. What is Paul McCartney’s real first name? A) John B) James C) George
4. Who bought the rights to the Beatles songs in the 90s and then sold them to Sony? A) Paul McCartney B) Michael Jackson C) Quincy Jones
5. Who composed the Dance Macabre? A) Saint Saens B) Giacomo Puccini C) George Fredric Handel

From a recent e-mail:

Someone from Brooks Air Force Base wrote this about life’s remarkable twists and turns:
“Spent 20 yrs. in the U.S.A.F. had alot of fun. Retired to East Texas. Now working as a machinist. Been marred 2 times. an…”

Sorry to hear he’s been “marred” twice. Twenty years in the Air Force can do that. Maybe he meant “married.” Well, that can mar you too.

Music Trivia Answers:
1. B) Danny Elfman
2. C) Simply Red
3. B) James
4. B) Michael Jackson
5. A) Saint Saens

I knowed 1, 3, and 4 wif out habin’ to look at dah antsers.

Every time you buy a Beatles CD, you are helping Sony promote root kits and DRM in their war against music and those who like to listen to it.


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