Beware the Crud

Barry McGuire – Eve of Destruction

Today’s Quote: “Money doesn’t always bring happiness. People with ten million dollars are no happier than people with nine million dollars.” — Hobart Brown

Tis the season
I can feel it. The month of misery is stalking me and will soon assault me with its full fury. I’ve felt the presence of the scouts — itchy, watery eyes; runny nose; sneezing; and dry, scratchy throat. Since the month began they’ve been conducting reconnaissance and probing my defenses. I expect an all out hay fever invasion any day now. I am forever grateful for the miracle of 10mg tablets of Loratadine and their non drowsy, 24 hour relief.

June used to be much worse for me. It was once thirty days of absolute Hell where I was scarcely able to breath, see, or function as a human being. Kleenex and Benedryl were my only friends and they gave me little comfort. It was an unholy month when I would pray that it would rain all day, every day, just so I could breathe. Europe was the worst but Ohio and Texas weren’t much kinder. The only place I’ve spent the sixth month of the year without suffering (since the crud began in 1981) was Hawaii. For some reason, the Crud did not follow me there. I wish it had not followed me here but with medication, I can almost tolerate it.

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. Ray of Light was a 1990s hit for which singer? A) Madonna B) Janet Jackson C) Amy Grant
2. Which Simon sang with Duran Duran? A) De Barge B) Layfayette C) Le Bon
3. Which rock star came out with a solo piano album called Fantasies and Delusions? A) Billy Joel B) Elvis Costello C) Elton John
4. The song Sloop John B was a hit in the 60s for which group? A) The McCoys B) The Byrds C) The Beach Boys
5. Who was the oldest woman on the charts in 1998 with Believe? A) Tina Turner B) Cher C) Aretha Franklin

I saw a promo for some new reality show last night, something like “Ultimate Reality” or something along those lines. I guess in the next show, they’re going to conduct some “psychological” experiment (how scientific it is remains doubtful) where they’ll put people in this “special” room and see how long it takes them to go nuts. I was thinking, “Yeah, put me in that room. It’ll be like a vacation. I trained for this for 20 years. They can’t imagine the depths of boredom I have reached.”

Music Trivia Answers:
1. A) Madonna
2. C) Le Bon
3. A) Billy Joel
4. C) The Beach Boys [This is a traditional West Indies tune about a sunken boat. It was adapted in 1951 by Lee Hays of the Weavers (as The John B Sails) and revived in 1960 by Lonnie Donegan. The song was popularized by The Kingston Trio who adapted it from a version in poet Carl Sandburg’s 1927 songbook, The American Songbag. The Kingston Trio’s version stays true to the song’s Calypso roots, and was released on their first album in 1958. Eight years later, The Beach Boys changed the title to Sloop John B, altered the lyrics and came away with a hit. In the movie Forrest Gump, this plays when Forrest is in Vietnam, and the camera shows the latrines. The lines, “This is the worst trip I’ve ever been on… I wanna go home” are emphasized. (]
5. B) Cher [Cher was 52 when she topped the UK charts, making her the oldest female artist to have a #1 hit in the UK. (]


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