Can’t get me out of the tree

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – Fire

Today’s Quote: “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” — Founding Patriot Samuel Adams
[Or an irate minority keen on setting forest fires of ignorance, hate, and intolerance in the minds of politicians.]

Now that my genealogy software is working again, I’m probably spending too much time in the tree. I’ve updated some of the family lines and done some more research, finding a couple of obituaries for cousins in North Dakota and Wisconsin. I even ventured south, which is always a challenge. There are so many people with the same names and so many families don’t appear in the census, which used to be taken by federal marshals. I’ve put out some feelers for information, hopefully something will turn up.

Music Trivia Quiz featuring both kinds of music:
1. Which Elvis Presley song did Willie Nelson and Leon Russell take to the top of the country charts in 1979? A) Are You Lonesome Tonight B) Can’t Help Falling in Love with You C) Heartbreak Hotel
2. What Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers hit topped country and pop charts in 1983? A) What Are We Doin’ In Love B) Islands in the Stream C) Something’s Burning
3. What Bobby Gentry hit was later a hit for Reba McIntyre? A) Fancy B) Little Rock C) Ode to Billy Joe
4. Which famous line form the movie Jerry McGuire was a hit song for Kenny Chesney? A) Show Me The Money B) You Had Me At Hello C) You Complete Me
5. What was Toby Keith’s first number one Billboard country single? A) You Ain’t Much Fun B) Should’ve Been A Cowboy C) How Do You Like Me Now

Music Trivia Answers:
1. C) Heartbreak Hotel [The lyrics were written by a steel guitar player from Nashville named Tommy Durden. He was inspired by a newspaper story about a man who killed himself and left behind a note saying only, “I walk a lonely street.” Another Nashville songwriter named Mae Boren Axton (mother of Hoyt Axton) wrote the music, and Elvis’ manager Tom Parker arranged for Elvis to receive a songwriting credit in exchange for singing it. This meant that royalties were split between Durden, Axton, and Elvis. In a 1982 interview, Durden said this song “has paid the rent for more than 20 years.” Mae Axton was living in Jacksonville when this was written. She got a local Country singer to do the demo for Elvis, who did the demo the way he thought Elvis would do it. Elvis liked it, and did it exactly that way. By the way, the country singer didn’t care for Elvis and thought that “the boy wouldn’t go far.” Country music legends Chet Atkins and Floyd Cramer played guitar and piano, respectively, on the original track. (]
2. B) Islands in the Stream
3. A) Fancy
4. B) You Had Me At Hello
5. B) Should’ve Been A Cowboy

I knew #2 only because I was mercilessly subjected to it on Armed Forces Radio while overseas.


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