The Truth About Opus Dei

The Allman Brothers Band – In Memory of Elizabeth Reed

Today’s Quote: “It is easier to do one’s duty to others than to one’s self. If you do your duty to others, you are considered reliable. If you do your duty to yourself, you are considered selfish.” — Thomas Szasz

Opus Day is the younger brother of Otis Day (Otis Day & the Knights of Animal House fame). He formed a trio known as Opus Day and the Two Tonic Knights. However, his career was overshadowed by that of his more famous brother. I don’t believe he’s any relation to Susan Dey of the Partridge family.

On this day:
On May 22, 1939, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini signed a ”Pact of Steel” committing Germany and Italy to a military alliance.

Both Kinds of Music Trivia Quiz:
1. Whose single of Elvira went platinum? A) The Oak Ridge Boys B) ZZ Top C) The Statler Brothers
2. What is the name of Lyle Lovett’s band? A) Flyswatter B) Large C) Church
3. This group had a couple of hits on its Kiko album including Two Janes and Kiko and the Lavender Moon. A) Los Lobos B) The Gypsy Kings C) The Allman Brothers
4. This blues artist’s Strong Persuasion [sic] album included hits such as Smoking Gun and Foul Play. A) John Lee Hooker B) Muddy Waters C) Robert Cray
5. Who placed Annie’s Song, Back Home Again, and Sweet Surrender on both the country and pop charts in the 70s? A) Tom T. Hall B) John Denver C) Donny & Marie Osmond

Music Trivia Answers:
1. A) The Oak Ridge Boys
2. B) Large
3. A) Los Lobos
4. C) Robert Cray [The album is Strong Persuader. It’s in my MP3 collection.]
5. B) John Denver [Denver wrote Annie’s Song for his then-wife Ann Martell after the near break up of their marriage. He wrote it in 10 minutes while on a ski lift. (]

I got one, four and five. The Robert Cray question was Blues, which doesn’t fall under the category of “both kinds of music.” As for number 3, I only knew it was not the Allman Brothers. A cover of Elvira by ZZ Top would be interesting.


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