I may have actually accomplished something today

Eric Clapton – Wanna Make Love to You

Today’s Quote: “Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.” — Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

I finally unloaded the tree limbs that I loaded into the truck last weekend. I took them to the city’s yard waste disposal facility. Then I paid the ransom on my lawnmower. They only wanted $58 and some change for it, much less than I had expected. Too bad the weather has been so wet lately. I’ll have to wait a few days to use it.

The grandkids helped me bake cupcakes and they agree that the best part is licking the beaters and the bowl. That has always been my favorite part.

Both Kinds of Music Trivia Quiz:
1. What TV show starred Reba McIntire? A) Reba B) The Reba McIntire Show C) Reba’s Family
2. Which Hall of Fame pitcher recorded Wabash Cannonball for the Colonial label in North Carolina? A) Whitey Ford B) Satchel Paige C) Dizzy Dean
3. What is the name of the film in which Robert Duvall plays an alcoholic former country singer? A) The Apostle B) Tender Mercies C) The Great Santini
4. Who won a Grammy for Best Vocal Collaboration for her duet with Willie Nelson on Mendocino County Line? A) Lee Ann Womack B) Lee Ann Rimes C) Amy Grant
5. What is Winona Judd’s mother and singing partner’s name? A) Ashley B) Naomi C) Natalie

Music Trivia Answers:
1. A) Reba [May have seen it, once.]
2. C) Dizzy Dean
3. B) Tender Mercies
4. A) Lee Ann Womack [Can they make up their mind on the spelling? Is it “Lee Ann” or “LeAnn”?]
5. B) Naomi

I got number one because I probably saw a commercial for it or something while channel surfing. I’ve never seen the show. I got number 3. I saw the movie years ago. Winona Judd is the kleptomaniac, isn’t she?


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