Feliz Cinco de Mayo para todos los Mexicanos

The Yardbirds – Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

Today’s Quote: “Warning: Clothing has been shown to cause extreme psychological dependence. Wear it at your own risk.” — Ben Thornton

Other than an excuse to drink mass quantities of imported Mexican beer, why do “Norteamericanos” (as they refer to us) celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Does the average Corona-swilling U.S. citizen even realize the holiday’s significance? The holiday celebrates the defeat of the French Army, who had come to collect on some debts, at the town of Puebla by a smaller ill-equipped Mexican army that had been thrown together at the last minute. But the story doesn’t end there. Three days later, the French Foreign Legion showed up and kicked their asses all the way to Mexico City and Louis Napoleon set up Maximilian of Hapsburg as Mexico’s emperor in 1864. In 1867, Benito Juarez regained power, executed Maximilian, and installed a legitimate government.

Mexican Independence Day is actually celebrated on September 16th, the day in 1810 that Mexico began its quest for independence from Spain. The first independent Mexican government was established in 1821. Just thought I’d throw some history in there.

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. What was Ray Charles’ given surname? A) Brown B) Robinson C) Johnson
2. What noted artist is known for My Woman, My Woman, My Wife? A) Porter Wagoner B) Hank Snow C) Marty Robbins
3. What composer wrote the operas Lohengrin, Tannhouser, and Tristan and Isolde? A) Richard Wagner B) Wolfgang Amadeaus Mozart C) Johannes Brahms
4. Who sings Man I Feel Like a Woman? A) Shania Twain B) LeAnn Rimes C) LeAnn Womack
5. In the musical Grease, what is the dance called that is performed at the school sock hop? A) Slamma Jamma B) Greased Lightning C) Hand Jive

And now some news from north of the border.
Here’s an article about a school in Montreal punishing a Filipino-Canadian child for eating his lunch with a fork and spoon instead of a fork and knife. Of course, the school’s principal and the Canadian ambassador to the Philippines are trying to put a positive spin on this.

If using a fork and spoon upsets French-Canadian sensibilities so much, I shudder think how they’d react to using chopsticks or, heaven forbid, fingers.

Music Trivia Answers:
1. B) Robinson
2. C) Marty Robbins
3. A) Richard Wagner
4. A) Shania Twain [The trivia card lists both LeAnns as choice B and said that B was the correct answer. A Google search says Shania Twain. I’ll go with my friend, Google, on this one. A review of Shania’s Greatest Hits album on Amazon.com calls it an “excellent” song. Man I Feel Like a Woman sounds like a typical country music lyric/title.]
5. C) Hand Jive [Well, there is a song called Born to Hand Jive on the Grease soundtrack.]

My streak was too good to last. I’m 0 for 5 today. I figured Charles was Ray Charles’ surname. I believe it was Mark Twain (not Shania) who said that Wagner is a lot better than he sounds.


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