Hump Day has passed into oblivion

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Amish Paradise

Today’s Quote: “During the day the people, the police and the army are with the government, but during the night, the people, the police and the army are all with the Taliban and Al Qaeda.” — Haji Saifullah, a shopkeeper in Tirin Kot, Afghanistan.

I see in the news that the Taliban is gaining power in southern Afghanistan as our troops prepare to be withdrawn. It would appear that we are going to leave that country pretty much the way we found it but with a few less buildings standing and a little closer to the Stone Age. Way to go, George! You can’t eradicate terrorism with just bullets and bombs. What’s the point in bombing them into the Stone Age when they were only three steps away anyway? You need to give them a few reasons to not hate us. We are always going to be reacting and looking over our shoulder but the administration doesn’t understand that. But King George is infallible, right?

Ever look at the similarities between King George III of England and our George III? The parallels are interesting.

How do the Amish feel about Al Qaeda?

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. Who recorded To Sir, With Love in 1967? A) Melanie B) Lulu C) Petula Clark
2. What was the name of Robert Goulet’s famous singing wife? A) Vickie Carr B) Judy Carne C) Carol Lawrence
3. Whose career was built largely on her stage performances of Hello Dolly? A) Barbra Streisand B) Carol Channing C) Julie Andrews
4. Who recorded You Don’t Have to Be a Star (To Be in My Show)? A) Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. B) K. C. and The Sunshine Band C) The Captain and Tennille
5. Which one-hit wonder recorded Afternoon Delight in 1976? A) Sylvers B) Starland Vocal Band C) Sliver Convention

Music Trivia Answers:
1. B) Lulu [To Sir, With Love is the title song to the 1967 movie of the same name. Lulu was in the film. Lulu is a charismatic Scottish singer known for her moving rendition of this song. She was born Marie McDonald McLaughlin Laurie (one source cites “Lawrie” as the spelling). She also sang the title song for the 1974 James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun. From 1969 to 1973, Lulu was married to pop star Maurice Gibb. (]
2. C) Carol Lawrence
3. B) Carol Channing
4. A) Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr.
5. B) Starland Vocal Band [Afternoon Delight is a “double entendre” song inspired by the late-afternoon appetizer menu at Clyde’s Of Georgetown (in Washington, DC). Under the name Fat City, the group sang backup on John Denver’s Take Me Home, Country Roads (]

Amazingly, I got them all today.


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