I’d Rather Be Mowing … NOT!

I failed to get the mower started on Saturday so I took it to the repair place and begged them to give it life. They said to come back on Friday. But that didn’t do anything about the immediate problem, namely, how was I going to bring my lawn into compliance before the grass gestapo came by to take me away to the lawn care concentration camp? I considered withdrawing money from the Vegas fund and buying a new mower but, fortunately, that thought didn’t stay in my pretty little head very long. What do I need with another mower cluttering my back yard?

Instead, I brought out the mighty weed whacker and wreaked havoc upon the front lawn. It’s doesn’t look great but it’s in compliance. The back yard still needs mowing/whacking but there is rain in the forecast until Thursday. I will endeavor to give it a proper mowing this weekend.

Apparently, I misunderstood the lawnmower man. Five days (not including weekends or holidays) must pass before the mower is brought to the altar so that miracles can begin to be worked.

I was assured that my lawnmower, was indeed on the altar and the proper prayers and sacrifices would be made to the appropriate deities so that I could be reunited with my grass cutting machine on Monday.

We’ll see.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.