Oh, Why Did I Ever Leave The Farm?

Derek & the Dominoes – Layla

Today’s Quote: “Not all the Greek runners in the original Olympics were totally naked. Some wore shoes.” — Mark Twain

I went into work today and started moving my stuff to my new cubicle. I’ve got my computer and equipment moved over and have it arranged the way I want it. I’ve still got a couple of drawers and overhead cabinets of stuff to be sorted through and dealt with. I’m sure I’ll fill at least one or two trash cans. When I get it all done I wonder how long it will take me to trash it again.

I hate lawnmowers. Why does a simple one cylinder, 4-stroke engine, with a simple carburetor and one spark plug have to be such a pain in the ass? It’s the same freakin’ technology that was around when I was a kid, maybe even longer than that. The only difference seems to be is that it’s less dependable now.

It’s not so much that I want to mow my lawn but I kind of have to lest the city’s grass gestapo write me up and fine me for my grass being too long. I’ve considered covering the entire lawn with herbicide but they’d probably piss and moan about that too. Mowing the lawn is a necessary evil of home ownership and the price of gas only serves to make it more onerous. The city would probably piss and moan if I got a goat.

As soon I win the freakin’ lottery, I’m moving to a rural setting where I can enjoy a little more freedom about what I do with and on my property. I really don’t care if Google Earth catches me naked in the back yard. City and suburban living suck. (Yeah, I know I’d probably have a bigger lawn but with my lottery winnings I could pay someone else to deal with it.)

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. What is Australia’s national song? A) Kookabura B) Sydney Forever C) Waltzing Matilda
2. Which Jackson had a million selling No. 1 R&B hit with Let’s Get Serious? A) Tito B) Jermaine C) Jackie
3. Which of these is credited with helping originate the folk music craze of the 60s? A) The Kingston Trio B) The Kingsmen C) The King Family
4. Who sang I Wanna New Drug and If This Is It? A) Ramsey Lewis B) Jerry Lee Lewis C) Huey Lewis
5. Which TV show’s theme song had the lyric “You’re gonna make it after all.”? A) That Girl B) Alice C) The Mary Tyler Moore Show

I don’t have any idea who does this song but it’s funny – Anymore

Music Trivia Answers:
1. C) Waltzing Matilda
2. B) Jermaine
3. A) The Kingston Trio [The Kingsmen did Louie Louie, hardly folk. The King Family was known for their TV variety show, which featured pre-masticated, homogenized, pasteurized pap. (Much like today’s entertainment, only they actually had talent.)]
4. C) Huey Lewis [The “drug” that Lewis sings about in I Wanna New Drug is women. They don’t have the side effects most drugs do – dry mouth, red eyes, make your face break out, etc. (Songfacts.com). But there are other side effects.]
5. C) The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Today I only missed the second question. I wasn’t aware that any other member of the Jackson 5 had a musical career after Michael went solo.


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