The Week In Review

Let me recap my week. On Monday I had my “ass-fingering” appointment, er my annual physical. That went well. I’ll know more when I see my doctor on Thursday; the results of the blood work will be in. If nothing else, I’m curious.

It may be too early to make it official but I began yet another exercise regime on Monday. This time it’s step aerobics mainly because it involved the least investment in equipment and floor space and, as an added bonus, I can do it naked. I’ve done about 30 minutes of stepping on four of the past six days, which is promising. So far I’ve found it easier for me to do than other aerobic exercises I’ve tried, namely running, stationary bikes, and stepper machines, so there’s hope that I might actually continue with it. I need to find ways to add variety to it or otherwise get my mind off the monotony of exercise.

Then there was my birthday. A dark cloud of depression settled over me the day before and I never really shook it off. There were a few rays of sunshine mainly in the form of grandchildren. Everyone should have grandchildren; they are so good for the soul, especially when they’re young.

Yesterday was a company holiday and I used it to get a few things done. That pretty much sums up yesterday. I accomplished fewer things than I intended. That’s how it usually works.

That brings me to today. It’s after 12 and all I’ve accomplished is my exercise and a shower. Well, I finally got dressed around 11:30. Clothing is so confining but, unfortunately, society as a whole has a problem with me being naked. Their loss, I guess.


Author: Rick

I'm a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.