Good Friday and a day off

Big Joe Turner – Little Bittie Gal’s Blues

Today’s Quote: “It’s a sad state of affairs when you buy a new computer these days and it comes pre-loaded with a ton of garbage software that brings your new machine to a crawl. If anyone’s bought a Dell PC in the last few years, you probably know what I’m talking about. Just recently, I was helping a friend set up his brand new Inspiron 1300 and it took FOREVER for it to boot up. It’s a very dissatisfying experience to pull a brand new computer out of the box and be spammed with a bunch of trial software. After removing all of the crap (which took a significant amount of time), it booted much faster and performed like it should. I kept thinking it would be nice to have an automated way to remove all this stuff. Thus was born the Dell De-Crapifier script.” — Jason York introduces Dell De-Crapifier, a utility that removes the … “embarrassment of riches” that comes preinstalled on most of the company’s machines.

Does anyone actually use any of the preloaded crap? Microsoft Works is not compatible with anything, especially Office. Most of the rest of it is cripple-ware, crap the user won’t buy even if he does figure out how to use it. I’d just as soon get a new computer with a virgin hard drive since I’ll partition and format it anyway. That’s what I did with the two Dells and one Gateway I purchased. The Dells are my domain controllers and the Gateway, which came with Windows ME (did anyone actually find a use for that OS?), was my Win 2K desktop and now runs my Linux Web server. I suppose the Dells came with an operating system loaded but I can’t recall what it was. It’s doubtful that I ever booted into it before loading 2K server. I know the Gateway has never ran ME since it came into my possession. [Edit] The Gateway has long since died and replaced by another Gateway.

My Birthday
Well, my birthday has passed into the annals of history. There was no wild party or strippers jumping out of a giant birthday cake (although I wouldn’t have complained). On the surface, it was a rather unmemorable day. I guess when you get to be my age, a birthday comes to mean that you’ve somehow survived another year.

It wasn’t a total washout, not by any means. Hearing “Happy Birthday” wishes from the grandchildren and having ice cream with them really touched my heart and lifted my soul. I got two birthday cards, one from Tina and one from my sister Ruth. Adam sent me the way cool Linux e-card. I’m assuming it said Happy Birthday in the binary representation of the ASCII characters. I guess geekiness runs in the family, which is okay because we don’t take our geekiness too seriously. Tina and I went out to dinner at the most romantic place in the Heights of Huber — Frisch’s and I paid. (Well, I would have paid one way or another.) I didn’t get any presents but that’s okay. Heartfelt birthday wishes from those closest to me is what’s really important. That being said, gifts are always welcome.

Tailgate Straps
I stopped by my friendly neighborhood Chevy dealer and got the straps for my tailgate — $99.30! It seems that you can’t get just the straps. General Motors in their infinite wisdom decided that it was a good idea to rivet one end of the strap to the latching mechanism. Maybe it’s to keep people from stealing them. The guy at the parts department said I need to remove the tailgate panel to get to it all. That does not forebode well. I predict there will be many, many colorful metaphors flying echoing through the neighborhood. I’m certain that once I manage to get everything apart, I will need a proprietary GM tool of some sort. I have attempted many home repairs of GM vehicles in my day. Everyone of them cause a great deal of frustration and a litany of colorful metaphors. We’ll see.

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. Who had hits with I Love a Rainy Night and You Don’t Love Me Anymore? A) Larry Gatlin B) Eddie Rabbitt C) REO Speedwagon
2. Which heavy metal band had albums called Music from the Elder, Psycho Circus, and Destroyer? A) Cinderella B) Kiss C) Quiet Riot
3. From which movie’s soundtrack is Seal’s Kiss from a Rose? A) Robinhood, Prince of Thieves B) The War of the Roses C) Batman Forever
4. Who had No. 1 hits in 1996 with Un-Break My Heart and You’re Makin’ Me High? A) Céline Dion B) Whitney Houston C) Tony Braxton
5. What was the first song to hit the jackpot for Irving Berlin, selling over a million copies in a few months in 1911? A) A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody B) Alexander’s Ragtime Band C) Easter Parade

Vacation Day
The vacation day I took yesterday is, as near as I can tell, still not approved. It’s a little late to deny it to me now, isn’t it? Then again, maybe not. I enjoyed my day off and I did not once think about work.

Music Trivia Answers:
1. B) Eddie Rabbitt [Well, I knew it wasn’t REO Speedwagon.]
2. B) Kiss
3. C) Batman Forever [Seal wrote this in tribute to Crosby Stills & Nash while living in a squat in Kensal Green, London. (]
4. C) Tony Braxton
5. B) Alexander’s Ragtime Band

Didn’t get a one of them.


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