How About Some Blues For Breakfast?

What this town needs is a radio station that at least pays homage to the Blues. Without the Blues, there would be no Rock ‘n’ Roll.

WTUE has Breakfast With The Beatles on Sunday morning, which is a great program especially if you’re a Beatles fan. I’d like to see WTUE do a similar program for those of use who appreciate the great legacy of the Blues. I believe WTUE could be the best station in Dayton for this since they seem to be the only radio station in the area that even acknowledges the existence of the Blues.

When I lived in Hawaii back in the early 90s there was a Honolulu radio station, KPOI, who started playing an hour of blues on Sunday morning. They called it Blues for Breakfast. They played classics by the legends of the Blues, as well as songs by contemporary artists in the genre. The show was so popular that they expanded it to two hours. The deejay would give the title and artist for each song and sometimes a little background. They also did requests. I looked forward to Sunday mornings then; it was like church for me.

Could something like this actually happen in this day of corporate chains of radio stations managed from afar? I hope so but I have my doubts. The suits don’t know about the Blues, much less understand them. All they know about is markets, demographics, and the bottom line. The have no concern for history, traditions, or legacies. Those things aren’t part of the formula.


Author: Rick

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