Thanks for the dinner

The Beatles – Eleanor Rigby

Today’s Quote: “From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down I was convulsed with laughter. Some day I intend reading it.” — Groucho Marx (1895-1977)

Thanks for taking us out to dinner last night. It was good to have the whole family together. The kids looked very nice all dressed up. Jake and Ben were quite handsome and Abi was more adorable than usual.

She gave me a pair of jeans, khaki slacks, and socks. It’s so easy to buy gifts for me. Of course, now I feel worse be being so clueless. There’s a weekend in Vegas in our future; I just don’t now how I’m going to pull it off. I got four months to figure it out.

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. On the cover of Abbey Road, what kind of crossing are the Beatles crossing? A) Llama B) Deer C) Zebra
2. What is the name of the record label that Elton John founded? A) Jet B) Mona Lisa C) Rocket
3. Bryan Ferry was the lead singer for which music group? A) Roxy Music B) Ultravox C) The The
4. Which band had a No. 1 hit in the 90s with The Fly? A) The Cure B) U2 C) Duran Duran
5. What is the first word of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina? A) You B) When C) It

I’m feeling better today. My outlook is improving.

Music Trivia Answers:
1. C) Zebra [In Britain, crosswalks are called “Zebra crossings” because they’re striped.]
2. C) Rocket
3. A) Roxy Music
4. C) Duran Duran
5. C) It [I would have guessed “Don’t”]
I got 1, 2, and 3 right.


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  1. Regarding the Abbey Road photo above. That album cover started the “Paul is dead” rumor. Interesting to note that Paul is still very much alive.


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