Licking Technology

Zager and Evans – In the Year 2525

Today’s Quote: “I’ve had a wonderful time, but this wasn’t it.” — Groucho Marx

I hate technology. I really do dislike it a great deal. Most of it is not well thought out and there’s no regard for the user. It’s minimally tested and rushed out the door. Support is almost always an afterthought and it’s usually outsourced overseas somewhere. “I don’t know what a ping is, the problem is not with our network, and your power cord is probably too long.” Whatever you say Habib, I mean, Jim.

I think it’s great that we have this wonderful bootable CD to access our ghost images from the network or an external USB drive. It’s great; it really is…except for one tiny little problem. Most, if not all of our new desktop machines and workstations don’t have PS/2 ports so we have to use USB keyboards and mice. It’s fine until the CD is all booted up and Ghost is running. By this point, the computer no longer understands the concept of USB HID. I’ve found a single Panasonic DOS USB driver that replaces several Iomega drivers used by Symantec but it hasn’t helped with the keyboard/mouse issue. Yes, USB support is enabled in the BIOS but once DOS is loaded that seems to go away.

As an aside, I don’t see the advantage of USB over PS/2 for keyboards and mice, except to add additional fluffy features. Do you really need a special button to bring up Windows Explorer? Holding the Windows key and pressing “E” accomplishes the same thing. It’s easy enough to create keyboard shortcuts to bring up most applications. Why a special button? I’ve used some of these fancy keyboards and even when I take the trouble to set them up (if needed), I generally don’t use them. I usually do what I’ve always done and just forget they’re there.

Speaking of useless technology, I sent my first and probably last text message on my cell phone yesterday. It must have taken me three or four minutes just to type out a short one line message with the keypad. It would have so been much easier to call. I just can’t understand why text messaging is so popular. It seems like too much effort. My fat dyslexic fingers have a hard enough time with a standard keyboard. My thumbs are even more useless for communicating. (Other than hitchhiking and pointing the general direction of the nearest exit, they’re not good for communicating much else.)

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. What was “Hitsville, USA” a nickname for? A) Motown Records B) Capitol Records C) The Grand Ole Opry
2. Who performed the song I’ll Be There For You for the TV show Friends? A) Green Day B) The Spin Doctors C) The Rembrandts
3. In the song In The Year 2525, what is the highest year mentioned? A) 2525 B) 3535 C) 9595
4. What is the name of the most successful backup singing group in recording history with such hits as Hound Dog, and Coal Miner’s Daughter? A) The Cox Family B) The Jordanaires C) The Chuck Wagon Gang
5. What does the word “ukelele” mean in Hawaiian? A) Jumping flea B) Tiny strings C) Banana

I got my $55 and $70 stickers from the state today. Above the stickers is a note saying not to moisten the sticker. There must be some idiot in this state who thought he needed to lick the sticker to apply it to his license plate. Then he called and complained. As we know, one call represents roughly a billion people so this is obviously something that needs to be pointed out. I’m certainly glad I read that before I put the stickers on my plates. (I wonder how many people still lick self-adhesive postage stamps.)

Music Trivia Answers:
1. A) Motown Records
2. C) The Rembrandts [The Rembrandts wrote most of their own songs, but not this one. It was written by songwriters Michael Skloff and Allee Willis specifically for the show. (]
3. C) 9595 [This was the only chart release by Zager and Evans, yet Billboard declared it to be the #1 record of the year 1969. Time magazine speculated that this was “composed by a computer at the Rand Corporation.” (]
4. B) The Jordanaires [They sang backup for anybody who was anybody in country music.]
5. A) Jumping flea

Only two out of five today (#1 and #3). I’m wondering if I have In The Year 2525 by Zager and Evans. 1969 was a phenomenal year for music.


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