This page probably has nothing to do with the link you just clicked on

Sonny Boy Williamson – I Don’t Know

Today’s Quote: “I have nothing but respect for you, and not a lot of that. ” — Groucho Marx

I encountered this page while at the Tricare web site:

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When the page is completed, it will actually have something to do with the link that you just clicked on.

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. What did Sheryl Crowe sing that Would Do You Good? A) My Love B) Change C) More Time
2. Gerry Rafferty sang about this London Street. A) Hyde Park B) Downing C) Baker
3. How is Priscilla White better known? A) Priscilla Presley B) Cilla Black C) Karyn White
4. Singers Grace, Howard, and Tom all share this same surname. A) Slick B) Jones C) Reynolds
5. According to The Seekers in 1965, what “Is Over”? A) The Carnival B) Our Love C) The War

This page probably does have something to do with the link you clicked on.

Music Trivia Answers:
1. B) Change
2. C) Baker [Gerry Rafferty was a member of Stealers Wheel, who had a hit in 1973 with Stuck In The Middle With You. ( I have the song Baker Street in my record collection.]
3. B) Cilla Black [Priscilla Presley was born Priscilla Ann Wagner; Paul Beaulieu was her step-father. And who the hell is Cilla Black? Sounds like a skin condition.]
4. B) Jones [Tom Slick was a cartoon character. Who the hell is Howard Jones?]
5. A) The Carnival

Once again, I didn’t do very well. I knew #2 and #4. Well, I had to think about #4 a bit.


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