Can we survive until the end of the month?

Aerosmith – Living on the Edge

Today’s Quote: “We took pictures of the native girls, but they weren’t developed. But we’re going back next week.” — Groucho Marx

The exhaust on the truck has been repaired and my savings account has been lightened by $400. I have 51¢ in the checking account and we get paid on Friday. Will we make it or will I have to perform another feat of anal magic?

Sort of Obscure Music Trivia Quiz:
1. Which film star heads up the band 40 Odd Foot of Grunge? A) Russell Crowe B) Bruce Willis C) Kevin Bacon
2. Which rock group had albums titled Vitalogy, Temple of the Dog, and Yield? A) Pearl Jam B) Van Halen C) Whitesnake
3. Whose wife thought of the name “Chubby Checker” as a take-off of “Fats Domino”? A) Casey Kasem B) Dick Clark C) Phil Spector
4. Which famous jazz musician in known for his recordings of MacArthur Park, I Can’t Get Started, and Chameleon? A) Dave Brubeck B) Bob James C) Maynard Ferguson
5. kd lang teamed up with this legendary pop/jazz singer on the album A Wonderful World in 1994. A) Ray Charles B) Tony Bennett C) Van Morrison

A recent survey showed that up to a third of telephone users in the Britain make calls in the nude, with men (40%) more prone to do it without clothes than women (27%). Gee, it’s not like the person on the other end of the line can see you. Maybe the next person you talk to on the phone will be naked. Regarding most people I converse with over the phone, I really do not want to imagine them in the nude. I’d rather be spared those mental images.

Music Trivia Answers:
1. A) Russell Crowe
2. A) Pearl Jam [Well, I knew it wasn’t Van Halen.]
3. B) Dick Clark
4. C) Maynard Ferguson
5. B) Tony Bennett

(I kind of guessed #3 with Dick Clark as the most obvious choice.)


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