Censure, Censor, Whatever

On the Daily Show Monday night, Jon’s guest was Senator Russ Feingold (D – Wisconsin) who introduced a resolution in the Senate to censure Mr. Bush for creating his own laws in violation of the very same Constitution he swore to uphold. They also aired a rebuttal from our very own Representative John “Boner.” Are there any Ohio politicians who are not sleaze? I’d call them weasels but that would be defaming weasels and I’d have some animal rights group on my ass.

Bush can’t call himself a “war time” president since Congress has not passed a declaration of war. On whom would they declare war? Terrorism is not a sovereign state. Officially, the quagmire in Iraq is not a war. It has all the makings of a war with the exception of the congressional declaration. Without that, Bush has no wartime powers, at least not legally. Oh, what he could do to the American people with an official declaration of war.


Author: Rick

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