Our interpretation of what we think you think you wanted to do

Eddie Cochran – Summertime Blues

Today’s Quote: “I find it hard to believe anyone in charge of a bus capable of carrying 50 people would be safe driving with a PSP on their knees.” — One of British bus driver Steve Allcock’s terrified yet understated passengers, who heard sounds of screams and mayhem coming from the driver’s seat and realized the man at the wheel was also playing “Grand Theft Auto” on a PlayStation Portable on his lap. Allcock got the sack.

Last night I started teaching myself XHTML. I figured it was time to move on from HTML 4.01 and the basics of CSS. After converting one of my old pages to XHTML, I noticed it didn’t display in Firefox like I thought I should. It looked okay in the Maxthon browser (my IE substitute since my IE is broken). A closer look at the code revealed the problem, which is apparently no big deal to HTML 4.01 or Internet Explorer (and similar browsers). Once I fixed the code, it looked correct in Firefox. It turns out that Firefox had, indeed, displayed my code correctly while the IE equivalent browser had not. Maxthon (IE) displayed it the way it thought I wanted it displayed. That is so typical of Microsoft’s “here’s our best guess at what we think it is you want to accomplish with our software.” ( Ya ever notice how difficult it is to format a Word document?)

My Internet Explorer has been broken for months and I really haven’t missed it. There are only two sites I visit regularly that need IE, DirecTV .com and Ancestry.com. On Ancestry.com, I only need IE (or the Maxthon equivalent) to properly view images of online documents. I should reload Windows because some other things are working either but I have third party programs the give me the same, if not better functionality, so I keep putting it off. I’m just not looking forward to reloading all my programs.

Totally Obscure Music Trivia Quiz:
1.Who is called “the Sparrow” and is universally considered to be France’s greatest popular singer? A) Jean Sablon B) Edith Piaf C) Josephine Baker
2. Which alternative metal band has recorded songs called Drive, Nice to Know You, and Megalomaniac? A) Incubus B) 311 C) Third Eye Blind
3 Which group sings about “Superman” and sings, “I’m only a man in a funny red sheet…it’s not easy to be me”? A) Foo Fighters B) Five for Fighting C) Goo Goo Dolls
4. Which singer was nicknamed “The Big O”? A) Ozzy Osbourne B) Billy Ocean C) Roy Orbison
5. Who sang Love is All Around from Four Weddings and a Funeral A) Wet Wet Wet B) Spadau Ballet C) Johnny Hates Jazz

Please Stand By…Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Music Trivia Answers:
1. B) Edith Piaf
2. A) Incubus
3. B) Five for Fighting
4. C) Roy Orbison
5. A) Wet Wet Wet

(I bombed on this one but I really should have known #4.)


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