Worthless and Weak (and quite tired)

Lightnin’ Hopkins – Lonesome Dog Blues

Today’s Quote: “Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.” — Oscar Wilde

FrankenWeb can communicate with the world, sort of. The default web page can be reached from the outside (if you happen to know the public IP). The page comes up rather quickly but pings are slow. I can ping out and resolve host names but it’s slow. Pinging to an IP address is quick but if a name has to be resolved is very slow. More fine tuning needs to be done and it could take a while. As I’ve said before, I’ve forgotten nearly everything I knew about Linux/Unix so I’m almost starting from scratch. I see a lot of RTFM and experimentation in the coming weeks.

Last night’s Drawn Together was just plain wrong! This season got off to a rocky start but they’ve made up for it and have set a new, higher standard in lewd, crude, and socially unacceptable. I am so proud of them. When are the second and third seasons coming out on DVD? I’ve got to have the uncensored shows. Saturday night, beginning at eight, will be a Drawn Together marathon. I presume it will the current season. I will definitely have a fresh tape in my VCR.

I still have no word on why everything that used to work (FTP, POP3, etc) no longer does. I noticed that my boss (who is also the network administrator’s boss) put a note on my help desk incident that he’d like to see FTP access not be required to go through the proxy. In the meantime he said to “direct user to use the proxy.” Ever try to set the proxy settings in an FTP client when you don’t have the necessary information? The network administrator only shares information under extreme duress. He wants to keep a tight hold on his little empire. He also has a direct connection to the Internet that does not go through a proxy server. What does he care if he cuts off everyone’s access because he gets a wild hair up his ass? So what if virus definitions that I used to update almost daily are no longer being updated? My anti-virus gets updated as necessary.

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. Which musical instrument does James Galway play? A) flute B) guitar C) cello
2. What was Sonny Bono’s real first name? A) Salvatore B) Samson C) Consuelo
3. Who had a hit with Fast Car? A) The Gin Blossoms B) Tracy Chapman C) Joe Cocker
4. Which singing duo had a hit with Shop Around and also a TV show in 1976-77? A) The Smothers Brothers B) Captain & Tennille C) Sonny & Cher
5. Who sang along with Mariah Carey on the No. 1 hit, One Sweet Day? A) Boyz II Men B) Jay Z C) Luther Vandross

I’ve failed in my Lenten abstinence. Let’s face it, I have no will power. I am worthless and weak. What’s the ecclesiastic punishment for reneging on a Lenten vow of abstinence? Can I get a do over next year?

Music Trivia Answers:
1. A) flute
2. A) Salvatore [I loved him as the impotent, suicidal bomber in Airplane.]
3. B) Tracy Chapman [“It’s not really about a car at all… basically it’s about a relationship that doesn’t work out because it’s starting from the wrong place.” — Tracy Chapman in Q magazine. (Songfacts.com)]
4. B) Captain & Tennille [Shop Around was written by Smokey Robinson and recorded by The Miracles in 1960 (Songfacts.com). The Smothers Brothers and Sonny & Cher had TV shows in the 60s.]
5.? A) Boyz II Men [Mariah Carey wrote this with Boyz II Men. (Songfacts.com)]


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3 thoughts on “Worthless and Weak (and quite tired)”

  1. I almost bought new nail polish last night. It was so pretty and purply. But alas. I don’t think giving in makes you a bad person. It’s tough to give up stuff you enjoy. Especially caffeine.


    1. It was Sierra Mist, which I think is caffiene-free. So I guess I didn’t land too hard when I fell off the wagon. Giving up “colorful metaphors” has been much more challenging. Does it count against me if I only think them?


  2. everything that used to work (FTP, POP3, etc) no longer does
    I guess I spoke too soon. After lunch I was able to receive e-mail (I’ve never been able to send from my POP3 client) and access ftp sites. Will wonders ever cease? Of course, there’s no telling whether they will work tomorrow. You can never predict what will happen when the network administrator starts administrating the network.


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