The Fun Has Only Just Begun

The Monkees – I’m a Believer

Today’s Quote: “Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes.” — Henry David Thoreau

A Cajun man wants a job, but the foreman won’t hire him until he passes a little math test. “Here is your first question,” the foreman said. “Without using numbers, represent the number 9.”

“Without numbers?” The Cajun says, “Dat is easy.” And proceeds to draw three trees.

“What’s this?” the boss asks.

“Ave you got no brain? Tree and tree and tree make nine,” says the Cajun.

“Fair enough,” says the boss. “Here’s your second question. Use the same rules, but this time the number is 99.”

The Cajun stares into space for a while, then picks up the picture that he has just drawn and makes a smudge on each tree. “Ere you go.”

The boss scratches his head and says, “How on earth do you get that to represent 99?”

“Each of da trees is dirty now. So, it’s dirty tree, and dirty tree, and dirty tree. Dat is 99.”

The boss is getting worried that he’s going to actually have to hire this Cajun, so he says, “All right, last question. Same rules again, but represent the number 100.”

The Cajun stares into space some more, then he picks up the picture again and makes a little mark at the base of each tree and says, “Ere you go. One hundred.”

The boss looks at the attempt. “You must be nuts if you think that represents a hundred!”

The Cajun leans forward and points to the marks at the base of each tree and says, “A little dog come along and crap by each tree. So now you got dirty tree and a turd, dirty tree and a turd, and dirty tree and a turd, which makes one hundred.” “So, when I start?”

Yesterday I put my network pretty much back to where I had it. I put my Linksys router back in as my gateway. It took a bit of work to get everything reconfigured and I did some serious backsliding on my Lenten vows concerning cursing. (I’ll repent for it later, I promise.)

The firmware firewall in the DSL modem/router/switch/WAP doesn’t appear to be very robust when it comes to configuration options. I can set up one machine at a time to allow certain programs to be allowed unfettered access or I can set up a DMZ for one machine at a time and open up absolutely everything. Neither of those solutions seem workable. The “DSL-M-R-S-WAP” support people have provided a solution that should give me the flexibility I need and simplify my network. I can reset the device and reconfigure it in “bridge mode,” which disables just about all of its functionality so it acts only as a DSL modem. I’ll have to do my PPPoE login on the Linksys router (no big deal) and it will have the public IP address on its WAN connection (like my old IDSl setup). I can then set up port forwarding for FrankenWeb and all that.

Will that solve the problem of being unable to telnet into my server from within the private network? I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense that a device sitting outside my network space would affect the internal network. But I’ve seen stranger things happen.

Windows on my main PC is getting flakier and it looks as though I have put off the inevitable for as long as I can. Internet Explorer hasn’t worked in months but I haven’t really missed it much since I only regularly visit a few sites that really require it and I have an alternative browser that does the job. But now certain command line utilities like cmd.exe,, and the like aren’t working. That’s unacceptable. I’m not looking forward to it but it must be done. I’ll be spending my evenings preparing for the operation. I have to back up everything, make sure I have the installation programs, registration codes, serial numbers, etc. for all of my favorite applications. It is not my idea of a real fun time. I’d almost rather have a root canal.

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. Which famous star was married at Michael Jackson’s ranch in 1991? A) Diana Ross B) Lisa Marie Presley C) Elizabeth Taylor
2. Who sang Stand by Me to advertise Coca-Cola? A) B.B. King B) Ben E. King C) Carole King
3. Who had a 70s No. 1 hit with Don’t Give Up on Us? A) David Soul B) Bobbie Sherman C) Paul Anka
4. Which Sarah was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s second wife? A) Vaughn B) Conner C) Brightman
5. Who was the subject of Candle in the Wind ’97? A) Marilyn Monroe B) Grace Kelly C) Princess Diana

The van is being fixed (finally). For a rental we got a new Ford Freestar mini-van because it was all that was available this morning. I’m hoping I can exchange it for a compact car later today. Hopefully, once the van is taken care of, I can get the truck fixed. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway. Whether or not that really happens is another story entirely.

Music Trivia Answers:
1. C) Elizabeth Taylor [Michael Jackson looked like Diana Ross for a time and was also married to Lisa Marie Presley for a time.]
2. B) Ben E. King [He first recorded it shortly after leaving The Drifters in 1960. It was based on a 1955 Gospel song of the same name by The Staples Singers. (]
3. A) David Soul [He played Hutch on the TV cop show Starsky & Hutch (]
4. C) Brightman [Sarah Conner was a character played by Linda Hamilton in the first two Terminator movies.]
5. C) Princess Diana [Marilyn Monroe was the subject of the original Elton John/Bernie Taupin song Candle in the Wind on Elton’s 1973 double-LP Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. They changed the lyrics for Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997 (]


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