Some things are just plain wrong

Frank Zappa – Catholic Girls

Today’s Quote: “Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.” — Mark Twain

Last night’s Drawn Together had to be the most wrong episode I’ve seen in a long time and one of the best. It’s definitely the best I’ve seen this season.

Money grubbing bastards
My meager little income tax refund has been received and deposited into the savings account. I don’t expect it to be there long. The list of things to spend it on grows longer with each passing day. As long as I can get the truck fixed, pay my annual obligation to the BMV, and pay my tribute to the ever greedier city of Hubriar Heights, I don’t really care.

I recall reading somewhere that the tax increase I voted against in November would primarily be paid by commuters who worked in the city and lived elsewhere (since most of those elsewhere places have much lower tax rates). Well, by living in said city and working in a location with a lower tax rate, I’m getting screwed every three months since I’ll have to make quarterly estimated tax payments so I can avoid the penalties I know those greedy bastards will exact from me if 90% of my tax obligation isn’t met by January. Last year, my wife’s employer under-withheld local taxes by a tenth of a percent. If they continue to withhold at the same rate, it will be four tenths of a percent under, meaning we’ll both have to pay quarterly. I hate giving those bastards money.

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. Which Judy Collins record was on the charts for an amazing 8 times in the 70s? A) Send in the Clowns B) Both Sides Now C) Amazing Grace
2. He was born Harry Rodger Webb in 1940 and was declared a Knight of the British Empire in 1995 – the first rock star to be so honored. A) Cliff Richard B) Roger Daltrey C) Keith Richards
3. Who composed the operas Madame Butterfly, La Boheme, and Tosca? A) Bizet B) Verdi C) Puccini
4. How many children did Johann Sebastian Bach have? A) 10 B) 15 C) 20
5. How many consecutive albums by The Rolling Stones reached the Billboard Top 10 between 1963 and 1980? A) 22 B) 26 C) 36

FrankenWeb update
I’ve got to get organized. I found the manuals and two floppy disks in my SUSE Linux box but no CDs. WTF? Where could they be? It’s going to drive me nuts until I find them. I thought my W2k Server CD was among the missing but I eventually found it. The FrankenWeb server is still missing a vital piece of hardware — a video card. I guess that would come in handy. I’m downloading Debian 3.1 r1. We’ll see how that works out. So far, it isn’t working out well. I don’t seem to have enough contiguous space anywhere on my servers for the ISO images. That sucks. I do have an image of the 3.1 r0a network install. I’ll see. I may have to hook up my external drive and try again tonight.

Music Trivia Answers:
1. C) Amazing Grace [Amazing Grace is a hymn first published in 1779 by John Newton, an Englishman who worked on slave ships. On one voyage, they came across a nasty storm and Newton thought the ship was going to sink. After they made it through, Newton became deeply religious and later became a minister. Newton wrote this based on his religious conversion, and how God saved him even though he was a “wretch.” (]
2. A) Cliff Richard [He was, like, world famous . . . in England.]
3. C) Puccini
4. C) 20
5. B) 26 [Those were their best years.]


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4 thoughts on “Some things are just plain wrong”

  1. Damn it. Homework made me miss Drawn Together. It’s on tonight, isn’t it?
    I used the network install ISO to install Debian on Kirby. I didn’t have enough space for multiple CD images either.


    1. I brought my little 80GB USB hard drive in, attached it to our communnity workstation and downloaded the full Debian 3.1 r1 release. I’ll try to burn the CDs later on today.
      I need to clean out some stuff from the servers. You’ve got some Web stuff and Mandrake ISO images on there. Still need them?
      I still need to put a video card in FrankenWeb. I probably ought to replace the NIC with a generic 3COM card. I think I have either a Netgear or Linksys card in there now.
      I’m going to remove my Linksys router from the network. I can manually configure the DSL device and turn off DHCP so the Linksys is rather redundant.
      Yeah, Drawn Together is on again tonight at 10. It’s a must see episode.


  2. I’ll take Remedial Music for $100, Alex!
    I didn’t get a single question right today.
    Huber Heights is run by morons with a collective IQ of no higher than my shoe size. There’s no other way to explain the taxes we pay compared to the services we get in return.


    1. Re: I’ll take Remedial Music for $100, Alex!
      Don’t feel too bad. The Judy Collins and Rolling Stones questions were before your time. Cliff Richard was really only world famous in England. The opera and Bach questions, like whatever? When did Bach find time to compose?
      I totally agree with you on the city’s collective moronicness. I thought the collective IQ was closer to Abi’s shoe size.


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