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The Grateful Dead – Touch of Gray

Today’s Quote: “The sign of a truly educated man is to be deeply moved by statistics.” — George Bernard Shaw

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. What was the original title of the Beatles hit Eleanor Rigby? A) Daisy Hawkins B) Father McKenzie C) Eleanor Lonely
2. In American Pie, who does the jester refer to? A) Elvis Presley B) Bob Dylan C) Buddy Holly
3. Name the theme song for the 1972 film, Billy Jack. A) One Tin Soldier B) I Shot the Sheriff C) Cherokee People
4. Which country’s national anthem has 158 verses? A) England B) Greece C) France
5. What 1961 hit by the Chiffons did a judge rule was “unconsciously plagiarized by George Harrison? A) One Fine Day B) Sailor Boy C) He’s So Fine

Yesterday afternoon I learned I’m going to be a grandfather again. I was surprised but I am happy. I’ve already added Nick (It’s okay to call him Nick, isn’t it?) to the family tree so that makes it official. A grandfather’s love is not diminished when it’s distributed among his grandchildren. If anything, it increases exponentially. I’m here for all of you.

Music Trivia Answers:
1. A) Daisy Hawkins [Paul McCartney got “Rigby” from the name of a store and “Eleanor” from actress Eleanor Bron. He liked the name “Eleanor Rigby” because it sounded natural. “Father Mackenzie” was originally “Father McCartney” but Paul decided he didn’t want to freak out his dad and picked a name out of the phone book instead. The Beatles didn’t play any of the instruments on this; all the music came from the string players, who were hired as session musicians. There is a gravestone for an Eleanor Rigby in St. Peter’s Churchyard in Wooton, England. (More info at Songfacts.com)]
2. B) Bob Dylan [Songfacts.com has more information about this song (more than I care to plagiarize here).]
3.A) One Tin Soldier [The version used for the film was recorded by Coven. The song was originally recorded by Original Caste, a Canadian group, in 1969. Coven’s version added “(The Legend of Billy Jack)” to the title. (Songfacts.com) I have both versions in my mp3 collection.]
4. B) Greece [And I’m thankful we don’t have to sing all the verses of The Star Spangled Banner.]
5. C) He’s So Fine [I still can’t believe that trial ever took place. George Harrison was ordered to pay Bright Tunes Music, who owned the copyright, $587,000 (Songfacts.com). Harrison claimed he got the idea for this from The Edwin Hawkins Singers’ Oh Happy Day, not The Chiffons’ He’s So Fine (Songfacts.com). I’ve listened to He’s So Fine and My Sweet Lord back-to-back and while there are similarities, they are quite different, at least to my untrained ear. There are a lot of songs that sound “similar.”]


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