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Today’s Quote: “The judges [who want ‘under God’ out of the Pledge of Allegiance] simply do not understand the First Amendment. It does not bar religious expression in public settings or anywhere else. In fact, it expressly PROHIBITS federal interference in the free expression of religion. Far from mandating strict secularism in schools, it instead bars the federal government from prohibiting the Pledge of Allegiance, school prayer, or any other religious expression. The politicians and judges pushing the removal of religion from public life are violating the First Amendment, not upholding it.” — Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas)
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I remember we had prayer in school when I was in the first grade. Everyday before we went to lunch, we said a little prayer. I also remember that each morning we would stand at our desks, face the flag, put our right hands over our hearts, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, every word of it, to include the words “under God.” I’m don’t recall exactly when these things disappeared from my classrooms but it was probably the second or third grade as I don’t recall doing these things beyond the first grade. (Related post: 1st Amendment Thoughts)

Duck and Cover
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I also remember those yellow placards with the radioactivity symbols on them designating my elementary school basement as a Civil Defense fallout shelter. You don’t see those anymore. Ah, memories of the Cold War before the policy of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) was popularized by the Johnson administration. I don’t have any recollections of “Duck and Cover” drills (hiding under my desk to protect myself from a nuclear explosion) but we may have practiced marching to the Civil Defense shelter in the basement instead. That was, like, a lifetime ago. It seems that much of the hysteria about a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union had died down by late 1960 although our closest brush with nuclear annihilation was yet to come. I don’t recall knowing anyone who actually had a bomb shelter under their backyard. Maybe people in my neighborhood were too poor to have them. (A septic tank is a very poor substitute.)

Wouldn’t it have just sucked to be in school when The Bomb hit? There you’d be, huddled under your desk, waiting for the inevitable blast, heat, shock wave, and fallout, and then you’d remember you were no longer allowed to pray in school.

Music Trivia Quiz:
1. From which musical comes the melodic song On My Own? A) Les Miserables B) A Chorus Line C) Cats
2. According to Seasons of Love from the musical “Rent,” how many minutes are in a year? A) Too precious to count B) 525,600 C) 665, 200
3. Which Baroque composer wrote The Four Seasons? A) Henry Purcell B) George Frederic Handel C) Antonio Vivaldi
4. What is the name of the Russian stringed instrument similar to a guitar with a triangular body? A) Ukulele B) Balalaika C) Zither
5. Who wrote the music for “West Side Story”? A) George Gerswhin B) Frederick Lowe C) Leonard Bernstein

She’s Always After Me Lucky Thongluckythong

Music Trivia Answers
1. A) Les Miserables
2. B) 525,600 [Based on a year of 365 days, that is correct. 24 x 60 x 365 = 525,600. A leap year is 527,040 minutes, not nearly as romantic.]
3. C) Antonio Vivaldi [You mean it wasn’t Frankie Valli?]
4. B) Balalaika [I got this one through a process of elimination. I knew it wasn’t a ukulele or a zither so it had to be the other one.]
5. C) Leonard Bernstein [This is the only one I actually knew.]

This quiz has absolutely no point value and will not be on the final.


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