Zero To Sixty At The Speedway (Gas Station)

Bruce Springsteeen – Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Today’s Quote: “Mind you, the game will not replace adult films or self-satisfaction. But, it does offer the opportunity for all adults, women and men alike, to engage in an online game without being tech-savvy—it’s fun and simple!” — Naughty America spokesperson* on Naughty America: The Game, a multi-player online PC game that is part online community, part dating service, and part adult fetish outlet. [Update on 09/17/2010: Spokesperson’s name removed by request as he is no longer affiliated with Naughty America or the Adult Industry.]
How good could it be if it won’t replace self-satisfaction?

Christmas is five days away and the spirit still hasn’t visited me. I dont’ know why; I just can’t put my finger on it. I don’t know if the feeling is a financial or a spiritual condition. Maybe it’s both or a combination of different factors. I can say that this is the first Christmas in many years in which I didn’t accumulate a mountain of new debt. I guess that’s a mark on the plus side but it doesn’t begin to balance out the negatives. I don’t think there are a lot of them but they weigh heavily upon me.

I listed a few items in my Christmas wish list but those items aren’t nearly as important or meaningful to me as the wishes I would like most to be granted. What I want most for Christmas can’t be bought (not even with Bill Gates’ money) and if they are granted, it will be undeniable proof that God does exist and miracles do happen. Maybe I’m just being too selfish.

What kind of idiot thinks it’s a good idea to see if he can get his big-assed, over-sized Ford pick-up to go from zero to sixty in the length of the pump islands at Speedway? The answer — A really stupid dumbass! I thought for sure he was going to drive right over my truck like it was some sort of monster truck show. He looked kinda pissed that he had to stop. Hell, he never would have made the turn at the speed he was going anyway. Hey, dude, a big truck doesn’t make you a big man. If you need a big truck and drive it like that to prove your manliness, then you are woefully inadequate as a man. What an asshole!


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