Church of the Fonz and Missionaries

The Beatles – Yer Blues

Today’s Quote: “My mother was of the sky, my father was of the Earth, but I am of the universe, and you know what it’s worth.” — The Beatles, Yer Blues

Yesterday’s The Family Guy was pretty good. I think I’d attend the Church of the Fonz although Henry Winkler on the cross may have been a bit much.

This is a pretty cool Flash video — The Cookie Blues .

A word from our sponsor…justtake

A husband and wife are members of a nude scuba diving group that sets up diving trips around the world, sometimes even in countries that outlaw nudity. The wife recalled a memorable encounter with a native Fijian during one such vacation.

“We were on a boat for weeks, and there was a guy named Moe,” she said. “He was the son of a tribal chief, and he was working as a crewman on the boat.”
Once, Moe approached Dale (her husband) and asked, “What are you doing each night when I see you on the bow of the boat by yourself for 30 minutes?”
When Dale answered that he was praying, Moe was incredulous.
“But you’re naked!”
“I don’t have to hide anything from my God,” Dale said. “He made me, He knows how I look, what I think.”
Moe thought for a moment, and then joked, “You know, we used to be cannibals here that ran around naked, too! The missionaries did us a disservice, didn’t they? We should have eaten them!”

And, therein, lies the moral to the story. (I suspect that the missionaries would have left a bad taste in their mouths.)


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