Here’s To Life’s Impurities

Eric Clapton – Groaning the Blues

Today’s Quote: “If God did not exist it would be necessary to invent Him.” — Voltaire.

Hey, this just might work — 10 stoner ideas for bringing peace to Iraq. Sounds like a better plan than anything the Bush administration or the Pentagon have come up with.

Maybe it’s my warped sense of humor or my skewed religious views (or both) but I like this . . .

Serve ’em up at your next revival meeting

This started out as a reply to Mandy’s recent Live Journal post but it sort of took on a life of its own.

Kids should have some exposure to the “impurities” of life so they can learn to deal with them and put them in the proper context. We do our children a disservice if we put off this learning until they leave the nest and go out into the real world where they have to figure it out on their own. Kids who lead sheltered lives tend to have very rude awakenings when they become adults and find the world isn’t as pure as they’d been led to believe.

We should endeavor to raise our children to be intelligent, mature, free-thinking adults despite the fact that church, academia, industry, and government have no place for such people. People like that are dangerous to their agendas, which is why they are so necessary. Life may be more difficult for them but it will be infinitely more rewarding.

In our society, people tend to be too uptight and repressed. The infamous Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction shouldn’t have caused the uproar that it did. It was just a breast but people acted like they’d never seen one before and it was some sort of hideous monster out to devour our children. (For the record, Miss Jackson’s breast did look like a hideous beast out to devour something.) Every year people watch the Oscars, hoping all those actresses will either a) wear a gown so transparent they can see everything God and her plastic surgeon gave her, or b) wear a gown so loose her goodies will “accidentally” fall out. What I find strange is that these two groups are the actually same people. They desperately want to see naked breasts yet, when they get their wish, they get all uptight and morally outraged. That, my good people, is manic repression.

Recently I saw on the news that there’s some 90-year-old senator all up in arms about the moral cesspool that is cable television and how he wants the FCC to clean it up. I’d like to know which cable channels he’s been watching through his cataracts so I can watch them before the FCC comes stomping in like a herd of mad elephants. After they’ve devastated the landscape, just where are adults supposed to find suitable entertainment? I’d just as soon not hang out with Mr. Falwell and his friends at the local tittie bar.

ICAAN, under political duress, has decided to withdraw its support of a .xxx domain. Rather than have all the Internet porn in one domain, where we pervs can easily find it (and it can be easily filtered), we’ll leave it randomly scattered throughout the .com domain where our kids can find it just like we did, by accident.


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