The stream of consciousness may be polluted

Paul Thorn – Temporarily Forever Yours

Today’s Quote: “Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.” — Cyril Connolly

opus I have a dream. In this dream I am lying naked in the dandelions, soaking up the warmth of the sun. I am one with God and nature. And, of course, I have my towel. But, like most of my dreams, it’s on hold until I gain my freedom.

Back in the late 1800’s, a very popular candy was a confection made from maple sugar and hashish. It was even sold in the Sears catalog and was advertised as a fun candy for the entire family. That sounds even better than “special” brownies.

Fred Rogers, creator and star of the children’s program Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was 71 years old; had been married to his wife for 48 years; was an ordained Presbyterian minister; and took a morning swim every day in the nude. (I’m not sure I want to think about a nude Mr. Rogers.)

Research shows that three out of four people make up seventy-five percent of the population.

Is it just me or have my posts of the last few days been rather trivial? I didn’t think it was just me. Well, there just hasn’t been anything going on lately. The voices in my head aren’t even talking to me anymore. The Dark Side? Well, they’ve turned off the lights and are pretending to not be at home. I could use a nap right about now.


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